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What I learned at YAPC::America::North

by da (Friar)
on Jun 16, 2001 at 00:11 UTC ( #88927=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

This is my attempt to record some of the things that I thought were most interesting about YAPC 19101. All errors are my own; please /msg me about them. And please add your own experiences.

Apprenticeship Projects by Adam Turoff. Many smart people have large numbers of ideas for perl projects they personally don't have time for. Want to tackle one of these?

  • (Don't remember whose project this was) perl power tools - reimplementing unix as perl- see turnstep's writeup.
  • Michael G Schwern offerred: CPANTS - CPAN Testing System
  • perl books project - Uri Guttman wants to mentor someone.
  • Nathan Torkington has a number of ideas relating to developing Catagory Killers in perl. need to make it so people can't reimplement in, say, java. must use perl as extension language.
    • code analysis tools: changed lines of code between rcs/cvs logs; #include diagrams; what code uses this macro? linked lists? symbol tracking turn code into linked HTML: click on a symbol, see where it's used; block folding; mouseovers can have interesting effects.
    • obfuscation tools. 'nuff said.
    • pretty print: text::Autoformat tools
    • Competitive Analysis project- compare top apps, reimplement them in perl.
      • java, newly popular
      • c++ established
      • Python, claim of better engineering. 'httplib' is supposed to be better than LWP. LWP is crusty and old? Documentation is possibly better.
  • Python Friendship Project- learn python, strengths/weaknesses. improve perl. improve python. work on projects together.
  • perl documentation project:
    • articles for beginners, intermediate, advanced.
    • topic guides, HOWTOs, ...

*sigh* gotta run and catch a plane. Back later with more..


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