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Hi This is my 2nd perl program. I do not know all basics. I want some help with following progra. Any help is appreciated. I want to open two text files and grab two substrings in two opened files. I want to grab another value from first opened file as well. Now I want to print the value from first file repeatedly as long as the two substrings from two files match.I wrote some thing like this. The program i managed to write gives only one value from MYFILE and prints it repeatedly in the new file.
#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; #crappy open (MYFILE, "2hgs_d00_internal_nrg_e.dat"); our $nrgval = " "; our $chn = " "; our $count; #our $chn[$count]; our $count2; #our $chn2[$count2] our @nrg; open (NEWF, "2HGS_bio_conv-min_p.pdb"); our $toprint = " "; our $chn2 = " "; while (<MYFILE>) { chomp; # avoid \n at the end of each line if ($_ =~/ENERGY/){ for($count=1;$count<=1;$count++){ $chn = substr $_, 20, 3; $nrgval = substr $_, 35, 8; while (<NEWF>) { chomp; # avoid \n at the end of each line our $j = 0; our $i = 0; if ($_ =~/ATOM/){ for($count2=1;$count2<=1;$count2++){ $chn2 = substr $_, 23, 3; $toprint = substr $_, 0, 65; for($chn=1;$chn<=$chn2;$chn++){ if ($chn==$chn2){ print " $toprint $nrgval \n"; } } } } } } } } close (MYFILE); close (NEWF);