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Greeting o' Wise ones,

Ive tried to come up with some questions about new lines. I don't understand any of this now, so any information will be chomped down voraciously.

1.How can the difference between these characters be seen in the context of command issuing or taking input from <STDIN>?(Can you give me some exercies to do, so I can get to see them in action?)

2.Is CR the newline character for windows? and LF the newline character for linux?

3.Is CR == "\r\n" and LF == "\n" in perl?

4.What about Control-M, that appears at the end of windows generated files before dos2unixing them, is that character just "\r"?

5.In the vim editor when I open a file and type ':set list', i see a '$' at the end of each line, what character is that?

6.I assumed that the "\n" is an LF ascii map is "\r" a CR ascii map?

7.When I used to get some information via an ssh server hosted on a appliance, a lot of the lines returned were terminated by "\r\n", what character is that?

8.Is there a difference between a 'line terminator' in the terminal and in a file?

Can someone please help.