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A while ago I started working on a 'clean' version of Perl Monks. This version was supposed to only use CSS for layout, allowing for tremendous flexibility in determining how the page looks. I have since lost most, if not all, interest in finishing it.

To see what the current page would look like in the CSS version, append &style=css to the current URL. This will only work properly in browsers that properly support CSS. To my knowledge, both Mozilla and IE6 browsers work decently enough. The stylesheet currently being used is available at css stylesheet.

The system works by overriding the parent container of general container. All 'normal' nodes (as opposed to XML nodes or plain text) use general container as their parent container. If the style param is set to css, general container's parent container will be set to css body container, which in turn has css global container as parent.

If you're interested on working on it, contact tye.

The following things need to be done: