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Venerable monks,

I'm looking for a module that will cache a database handle for me and correctly handle when the program forks. I know DBIx::Class does this, but I don't need or want the ache of defining a schema and such, just the handle.

I have a program that uses a database. In it, I have a simple function to get a connection to the database.

sub dbh { my ($u,$p) = ('user',':)'); my $dbh = DBI->connect( "", $u, $p, { RaiseError => 1 }, ); $dbh->do( $initial_stuff ); $L->debug( "made new database connection $dbh" ); return $dbh; }

That works fine. It would be easy enough to write something that caches that using a state variable.

sub dbh { state $dbh; if ( ! defined $dbh ) { # blah blah bah } return $dbh; }

That way I don't open up a new connection every time I need to talk to the database. Unfortunately, that will get tripped up when I fork.

I know about DBI, fork, and clone. I know how to write the code to get around this. What I want is a module that's already done it for me. Does it exist?