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Its normally helpful if you post your code and describe what you are having difficulty with. But I'm at a loose end so try:
#!/usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; open (IN, 'first.txt') or die ("crap! $!"); my @first = <IN>; close IN; open (IN, 'second.txt') or die ("crap! $!"); my @second = <IN>; close IN; my %h; my $i=0; for (@second) { ($h{'A'},$h{'B'},$h{'C'}) = split / /,$_; my @keys = split //,$first[$i]; my $total = 0; for(@keys) { $total+= int($h{$_}) unless /\n/; } $total/=scalar(@keys) if($total); print "$i: $total \n"; $i++; }

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