in reply to I dont need your politics any more. (discussion)

Um, brother dep...I do understand the frustration--I know others do, too. I would only ask is that you give the rest of community time to respond before you make a final decision. I just checked and both nodes are 15 and 19 respectively, which means that more people liked your thoughts better than the game-players.

Please don't judge the rest of the community based on the responses of an anti-social few. I believe that, over time, the rest of the community is able to balance out the misdeeds of the wicked.

Yes, you *do* contribute and I, for one, am a better monk for it. Remember: there is more than one way to get respect.

Personally, I've received a lot of good feedback from the regulars, however, the one I appreciate most was a simple "good node" /msg from someone whose post to XP ratio is mind-boggling. IOW, focus on the people that also contribute and not on the actions of the simple or the automated. You know who the good monks are. Listen to them for support and ignore the initial downvotes as the flailings of the clueless/talentless. Who cares if you're downvoted by trolls?

I know, I know: "it limits the potential of the node." Yes...that's true...but the information has still been communicated and will, I believe, touch those who need it. The real measure of success isn't the number of XP's you've got or the average reputation of your nodes. The real measure is the difference you've made in other people's lives.

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it."