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If you haven't seen a touchscreen iPhone or an iPad, you should go to a store near you and get a demo.

I have seen the commercials, I have a mouse and a touch pad -- gestures aren't foreign to me -- gestures aren't apps, and my questions was, how would an app be different from /bare?

pj is right, pm needs to reflect these new changes in technology.They require interface changes.

PJ never suggested anything about gestures, besides apple already made the necessary interface changes :) because they didn't provide a mouse -- scrolling/zooming/forward/backward... gestures work in their browser, it works with /bare/ -- what would an app do that is different?

pj said more organized, app-friendly and that sounds good, but then he doesn't explain how -- do you know?

Maybe all /bare needs is a start page or something ...?

pj said in the OP that top 100 free apps earn $15,000/mo but have you seen the top 100? They're all games, music/videos/images, social networking, search, weather, maps, games --- nothing programming related, so there goes that incentive :)