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What you posted is not valid Perl. Running what you think your Perl script is will make Perl tell you so. Please correct your script. Maybe you want to read system, but before that, also do read perlintro and perlsyn.

Perl is not a shell or shell-alike language.

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Re^2: Convert Shell script to Perl
by akrrs7 (Acolyte) on Oct 10, 2011 at 13:51 UTC
    Hello... I am really new at you've surmised. I have read the perlintro document but am still confused on how to set environment variables. Thanks...

      You are confused about so many things that it does not make sense to give you small pointers. You need to take a step back and start learning Perl. See the books section of, and maybe the Modern Perl book by chromatic, if you're in need of a free book and already know how to program in some other programming language.