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Re^3: Strawberry 5.14 again

by patcat88 (Deacon)
on Oct 10, 2011 at 14:28 UTC ( #930649=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Strawberry 5.14 again
in thread Strawberry 5.14 again

Open source Windows Perl distributions have a very high habit of going dead and getting abandoned very quickly. Camelbox, Kurila, etc, read the full list at Either compile and ship your own perl, or use ActiveState. No other distribution has paid full time programmers on it. Even Microsoft's latest perl is 5.8.8

another list of dead perl distributions from the old (pre 2011) site
Win95 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / Win2000/W2K / WinXP (Win32) Try first Starting from Perl 5.005 the Win32 support has been integrated to the +Perl standard source code distribution. But if you insist on a binary +: * ActivePerl (Perl for Win32, Perl for ISAPI, PerlScript, Perl Pac +kage Manager) * Strawberry Perl, A 100% Open Source CPAN-capable Perl for Window +s that works exactly the same as Perl everywhere else (includes Perl +for Win32, MinGW, dmake, CPAN preconfigured, libwin32, Win32::API, PP +M, PAR, Expat/XML::Parser). * Vanilla Perl, Experimental/unstable core-Perl-only port used for + MinGW-based distribution R&D (includes Perl for Win32, MinGW, dmake) * Apache/Perl (binaries for both Perl-5.6/Apache-1.0/mod_perl-1 an +d Perl-5.8/Apache-2/mod_perl-2) * CamelPack Installer for ActivePerl, Dev-C++, and nmake * DeveloperSide.Net (compiled under VS.NET and includes the latest + versions of Apache2, PHP, MySQL, OpenSSL, mod_perl, Apache::ASP, and + a few other components) * IndigoPerl (Perl for Win32, integrated Apache webserver, GUI Pac +kage Manager) * niPerl (MSI installer, Win32::GUI, Win32::GUI::XMLBuilder, Docum +entation Viewer, WGX, PAR ready, built-in SciTE editor) * OptiPerl (CGI and console script, IDE with syntax highlighting a +nd debugger, query editor, emulated web server, code completion, hint +s, context sensitive help, code librarian, many included tools) * PXPerl (compiled with Intel C++ Compiler for maximum performance +, lots of modules already installed, with Pugs and Parrot binaries, l +ets you install any other module from CPAN)) * SiePerl for Win32 by Siemens, contains several modules * Prebuilt Perls by Rich Megginson, a special installer is used. These two are very obsolete and no more maintained or updated. Use onl +y if you know that you need these. * Perl (5.004) for Win32 for x86 Contains many useful additional m +odules. README * Perl (5.004) for Win32 for Alpha Identical to the x86 one, excep +t for the target CPU. README If you want to compile Perl for Win32 yourself, only the Microsoft Vis +ual C/C++ is actively supported, but if you want to pay for your comp +iler the also Borland C++ Builder Studio should work reasonably well. + MinGW is a free option that also has been known to work. The Open Wa +tcom, the Digital Mars, and lcc compiler are available (the last one +for non-commercial use only), but there are no reports of Perl being +built with them (patches welcomed by perl5-porters).

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