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Hi monks, I new to generating xml files using perl, How can I generate new xml file using perl script, but the xml file contains this type of data as shown below

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Detailsofuniversitys xmlns:xsi=" +instance"> <Identification> <Ind>03.20.00</Ind> </Identification> <MetaData> <History> <Entry> <Date>2010-10-19</Date> <Note>IND Created</Note> </Entry> </History> <Status>P</Status> <StoringAndErasing>Not Defined</StoringAndErasing> <StoringAndErasing>Not Defined</StoringAndErasing> </MetaData> <university> <name>svu</name> <location>ravru</location> <branch> <electronics> <student name="xxx" number="12"> <semester number="1"subjects="7" rank="2"/> </student> <student name="xxx" number="15"> <semester number="1" subjects="7" rank="10"/> <semester number="2" subjects="4" rank="1"/> </student> <student name="xxx" number="16"> <semester number="1"subjects="7" rank="2"/> <semester number="2"subjects="4" rank="2"/> </student> </electronics> </branch> </university> <university> <name>sku</name> <location>ANTP</location> <branch> <electronics> <student name="xxx" number="12"> <semester number="3"subjects="6" rank="20"/> </student> <student name="xxx" number="16"> <semester number="1"subjects="9" rank="12"/> <semester number="2"subjects="4" rank="2"/> </student> </section> </electronics> </branch> </university>