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Re^5: Using Tab Completion on Windows in cmd.exe

by Stamm (Acolyte)
on Nov 26, 2011 at 13:51 UTC ( #940174=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^4: Using Tab Completion on Windows in cmd.exe
in thread Using Tab Completion on Windows in cmd.exe

You're right, it doesn't work with Term::Complete. I thought I had tested it. As you said, it doesn't even use Term::ReadLine.

It works with Term::Shell. Here with the pod example slightly modified:
package MyShell; $ENV{TERM} = ''; use base qw(Term::Shell); sub run_command1 { print "command 1!\n"; } sub smry_command1 { "what does command1 do?" } sub help_command1 { "Help on 'command1', whatever that may be..." } sub run_command2 { print "command 2!\n"; } package main; my $shell = MyShell->new; $shell->cmdloop;

Or directly with Term::ReadLine:
use Term::ReadLine; $ENV{TERM} = ''; my $term = Term::ReadLine->new('Tab Completion'); my $prompt = ">>> "; &readline::rl_basic_commands( qw(set quit type test run exit) ); while ( defined ( $_ = $term->readline($prompt) ) ) { exit if /exit/ or /quit/; print $_, "\n"; }

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Re^6: Using Tab Completion on Windows in cmd.exe
by Anonymous Monk on Nov 26, 2011 at 14:09 UTC

    Thank you, that seems usable

    For me, if i start typing something, and hit tab, it gets completed

    This i expected

    But if I only type tab, nothing happens until I hit tab again, at which point a newline is printed, then the available tab choices and a newline, then the prompt again

    This i didn't expect, I kinda expected it to cycle through list of completions, like cmd.exe does for filenames, like my demo from earlier, with shift+tab going in reverse (as is common, but which my version doesn't do)

    At least it usable

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