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Re: Waiting for a Product, not a Compiler

by Anonymous Monk
on Nov 28, 2011 at 13:27 UTC ( #940401=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Waiting for a Product, not a Compiler
in thread Moose - my new religion

Hallo chromatic,

First want to say that hearing such things which just can't be seen as *try to move things in better direction* is sad especially from such well-deserved perler... You are right on many points and everybody know how look Parrot/Rakudo state. But yelling just *did not help*, for both sides of discussion.

Second, your current detailed obiections about Rakudo Star are not well placed becouse it, in my opinion, practically landed ! Fact: I was using latest Star (2011.07) and probably week ago tried nom branch and was surprised that *everything* just worked ! So, practicaly, next Star is available now and oficially is planned on December. Do you know how big improvements are in ?

Now about Perl6 state... Problem no. 1 is Parrot. IMO again. It was planned as reimplementation Perl5 low level functionalities eg. IO buffering to be base for ALL possible scripting languages. Few things work, other not eg. threads... And Rakudo rewrites happens becouse of lack of adequate functionality in Parrot, eg. MMD... Maybe problem is that Parrot developers and compilers developers are too separate communities ? Or maybe in some point there was lack of coordination. Rakudo devs ended implementing things around Parrot or on NQP level. I cannot say how bad or good that is but few things should happen in other way.

So that NQP-xx stages are not (only ?) Rakudo devs fault. And yeling that new Star is not available when it is just landing is for what purpose ?

And, personally, you have personal rights to be nervous in any way you like. But, to the point of other persons private rights. For example, maybe you will feel better when some nasty post make pressure to release Star month or two earlier. But, that core developer have serious family problems means something to you ?? Especially in project which is developed by volunteers. Aggresive lead is realy good but in war situation. Assertive anytime.

So what you want to achive by depreciating Perl6 work done so far ? Want a product ? Everyone want the same ! Tell us something good, show what we doing wrong and not see. But some workable advices...

And remember, that core developers set is just few ppls divided by 2 actively developed compilers. And probably Niecza is done seriously just by Sorear... Not looks realy like "community" rewrite. We need more ppls. And it is need to learn Perl6 before start active development, takes time too. Maybe few Parrot folks can move to Perl6 ? Probably pmichaud++ and jnthn++ comes from Parrot.

Best regards
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