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Re: Announce: Pinto-0.026 -- Curate Your Own CPAN Repository

by Khen1950fx (Canon)
on Dec 10, 2011 at 22:12 UTC ( #942879=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Announce: Pinto-0.026 -- Curate Your Own CPAN Repository

Excellent work! Just out of curiosity, I looked at the number of dependencies. I counted 204, and these were just on my short list:). Here they are:
#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use CPAN; CPAN::Shell->install(qw( MIME::Base64 URI ExtUtils::ParseXS Text::Abbrev Module::CoreList Module::Load Params::Check Module::Load::Conditional Locale::Maketext::Simple IPC::Cmd ExtUtils::CBuilder Perl::OSType IO::Dir Version::Requirements CPAN::Meta::YAML JSON::PP Parse::CPAN::Meta CPAN::Meta Exporter Carp File::Spec File::Temp version aliased Declare::Constraints::Simple Module::Metadata Attribute::Handlers Scalar::Util Params::Validate Test::Harness Test::More URI::FromHash Test::use::ok Path::Class Sub::Uplevel Test::Exception Carp::Clan MooseX::Types Test::XML::Compare Any::Moose IO::Moose Set::Object Test::Moose Devel::GlobalDestruction Sub::Name Eval::Closure Params::Classify parent Module::Runtime Class::Load Class::Load::XS Algorithm::C3 Class::C3 MRO::Compat Task::Weaken Package::Stash Package::Stash::XS Class::MOP Locale::BR MooseX::Types::Path::Class Data::OptList Sub::Exporter Dist::CheckConflicts Try::Tiny Test::Fatal Sub::Install Params::Util Package::DeprecationManager Encode Test Text::Wrap Pod::Escapes Pod::Simple Pod::Man ExtUtils::MakeMaker namespace::clean namespace::autoclean MooseX::Types::URI WWW::RobotRules HTTP::Cookies Net::FTP Net::HTTP HTTP::Daemon Digest::base Digest::MD5 HTTP::Negotiate File::Listing HTML::Tagset HTML::Parser Time::Local HTTP::Date Compress::Raw::Zlib Compress::Raw::Bzip2 IO::Uncompress::Inflate HTTP::Status Encode::Locale LWP::MediaTypes LWP::UserAgent base XSLoader Variable::Magic B::Hooks::EndOfScope PerlIO::gzip Test::Fatal CPAN::DistnameInfo URI::Escape Package::Locator Class::MakeMethods Text::Balanced Parse::RecDescent Class::Method::Modifiers strictures Moo Digest::SHA1 Class::Base Class::Inspector File::ShareDir IO::Scalar Filter::Util::Call YAML Algorithm::Diff Text::Diff Test::Differences Pod::Usage List::AllUtils Text::Reform Text::Autoformat Mixin::Linewise::Readers Config::INI MooseX::Configuration String::Format MooseX::NonMoose autobox Perl6::Junction Moose::Autobox LockFile::Simple Module::Find Class::C3::Componentised Class::Accessor Class::Accessor::Chained::Fast Data::Page Context::Preserve Storable Clone Hash::Merge Class::Accessor::Grouped SQL::Abstract Config::Any Data::Dumper Data::Dumper::Concise DBI DBD::SQLite Scope::Guard DBIx::Class::Schema Term::ANSIColor File::Spec::Native UNIVERSAL::can UNIVERSAL::isa Test::MockObject Package::Constants IO::Zlib Archive::Tar Archive::Zip Dist::Metadata Archive::Extract Test::Tester Test::NoWarnings Test::Deep Tree::DAG_Node Devel::StackTrace Test::Warn Test::Most Dist::Requires IO::Interactive autodie Module::Pluggable::Object Getopt::Long Getopt::Long::Descriptive String::RewritePrefix IO::TieCombine App::Cmd::Setup Number::Compare Text::Glob CPAN::Checksums Module::Signature Readonly Readonly::XS IO::String File::Path Time::HiRes IPC::Run3 Probe::Perl Test::Script File::Which File::HomeDir Path::Class::File Pinto::Types MooseX::Types::Moose IO::Pty Math::Round DateTime::Locale Test::Requires Class::Singleton SQL::Translator Pinto));

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