in reply to Pummeling Monks for Misconceptions?

I wish there was some indication if the node was zero or negative before you voted, because sometimes I casually downvote something, not realizing it had already been carpet bombed. I feel bad after, too, but what can I do? Maybe I'll look for something recent of yours to upvote to try and make it up, to balance things out. Damage done, though, and there's no going back on votes.

I downvoted snafu on that one, and I believe it registered -1 or -2 when it showed up the first time. Yes, it was interesting, but it was wrong. My thinking is that the node was of no value, and eventually should be reaped anyway. Perhaps it should just be deleted to save snafu the agony, so that it doesn't scar his record.

Looking at the "worst" nodes, you see, time and time again, the so-called "Thanks!"-type nodes. They're useless, and I don't downvote them, but people certainly have a thing for them and will -- without mercy in some cases. Perhaps it's their way of saying use /msg instead.