We here on PM write a lot of comments to OP's about their formatting, title selection and that they really should provide more information when posting questions.

My idea would be to provide a few, limited flags (checkboxes) to give basic feedback to the poster. This would especially useful in SoPW to tell the poster if his/her formatting is good, he/she did provide adequate information and the title was (or wasn't) meaningful. If unchecked, the node status would display a short link to the relevant documentation, else it would just say thinks like "title ok, enough information provided, formatting acceptable."

Of course, instead of checkboxes, it could be +/-/0 radiobuttons to make every feedback option optional.

I realize this is a very static information (probably can't be changed after approval), but it would give the poster some feedback without bloating PM with long-winded comments about the basics. Also, new users could learn from the simple feedbackflags on posts of others.

I hope i didn't mess up the explanation too much. I can see how it would work before my inner eye, but somehow i find it a bit hard to explain the concept.

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