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When you refer to something like item_hoh in the template, this is a key in the hash, not the name of the hash itself (TT2 knows nothing about the name — the hashref could also be anonymous).  This isn't any different from using flat hashes to define/set TT2 variables, btw.

The solution is to just wrap another hash around it, e.g. an anonymous one (in my example above I used a named one, $HoH):

... TmplParams => { item_hoh => \%item_hoh },

The curlies create an anonymous hash(ref), and the value of the entry keyed by "item_hoh" is the ref to your hash %item_hoh.  The name of the latter is irrelevant.  In case you need to pass more top-level items (like the item_hoh), just add further entries in the anon hash.

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Re^8: Perl CGI and Template Toolkit
by Perobl (Beadle) on Jan 04, 2012 at 18:58 UTC

    Wow, thank you so much for the lesson. I didn't know that. You have been incredibly helpful, and I can't thank you enough :)

    I'm so glad I can show this data in a clean table format!

    Thank you PerlMonk!!!

      You promised a free lunch.


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