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prefix 'Newest Nodes' title with number of unchecked nodes

by erix (Parson)
on Jan 06, 2012 at 09:56 UTC ( #946568=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

On the Newest Nodes page, would it be possible to prefix the title, which is now simply 'Newest Nodes', with the number of unread ('unchecked') nodes? So that it would become for example '5 Newest Nodes'.

I automatically reload this page every 5 minutes. On the browser tab, where the title appears, a prefix would make it visible at a glance that there are new posts, or not. At the moment one has to manually select and reload that page to know, an insult to Good Laziness, IMHO.


Update: added line about automatic reload, without which my request does not make much sense...

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Re: prefix 'Newest Nodes' title with number of unchecked nodes (please)
by tye (Sage) on Jan 06, 2012 at 19:26 UTC
    I automatically reload this page every 5 minutes.

    There's your problem. I don't think I want to encourage such a practice. 100 users going home Friday and leaving their browser reloading that moderately expensive page every 5 minutes all weekend as the cost grows and grows because they aren't there to regularly check it and hit "I've checked all of these"...

    The page has some protections built into it. But those are mostly to protect the viewer, specifically from the page becoming so expensive that it won't even render before their browser times out.

    - tye        

      tye, is there a better (lighter-load) answer for this kind of obsessive monk? Other than therapy, I mean. I seem to recall conversations about RSS feeds and such, though I don't remember them ever being implemented. Of course, I could have easily missed them.

      Not that I'm terribly interested in using such a thing, but I'm just curious. Of course, if there isn't, maybe erix wants to implement it. :-)

        It seems like there have been several independent implementations of RSS done here. But I know almost nothing about any of them. Luckily, however, I have special access that I'll describe for you:

        There's a link labeled "Need Help??" just above your nodelets (unless you turned off "hints", if so, shame on you, see user settings). Where that takes you has a search field. Entering "RSS" gives a mere two site help documents. The first could use one tiny update because it has a link labeled "Newest Nodes" that does not go to Newest Nodes and thus could easily convince somebody of things that are very much not true. I'd update it myself but the help text appears meant to be parsed and there are dire warnings about breaking it, so I will have asked nicely for somebody else to do that. (Update now applied there.)

        I'm not going to link to those documents as it seems that many visitors could use the trivial practice with looking up site documentation.

        Thanks for mentioning RSS, Tanktalus. The implementation looks like it is smart enough to be efficient, unlike reloading Newest Nodes over and over when you aren't looking at it (sadly, though, "there is not much to do about regular reloads", so I guess erix is powerless on that front, or something, for some reason).

        Sarcastic as always - tye        

      Opera has automatic reload built-in, and there are firefox plugins that do regular reload. There is not much to do about regular reloads. I for one *always* disable them before leaving.

      Btw, if 5 minutes is too short an interval I'll be happy to set it to longer. I seem to remember I asked about that 5 minute interval, years ago, for exactly the performance worries you mention.

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