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Hi I don't manage to build an XML::DOM object with french characters. In the XML::DOM::Parser documentation, it says that the characters are encoded in utf-8 characterset during the parsing. The problem is that this module doesn't seem to support non-american characters,because when I convert my XML::DOM::Document object to a string, only the attributes are encoded in UTF-8 and they are not always well encoded. Moreover, when i use the: ProtocolEncoding=>'ISO-8859-1' option in the XML::DOM::Parser constructor, my output is not the same as my input. Does anybody manage to make the XML::Parser module compliant with non ASCII characters? Am I missing something? I really need your help. Here is a code example,
use XML::DOM; my $parser = new XML::DOM::Parser; my $xmlstring="<?xml version='1\.0'?> <ACTION> <INPUT LABEL=\"Radio Button\"/> <INPUT LABEL=\"t\"/> <RADIO ID=\"List\"> </RADIO> </ACTION>"; my $doc; eval { $doc = $parser->parse($xmlstring); }; if ($@) { die "ERROR : $@\n"; } print $doc->toString;
Thanks, Luc