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Having now seen File::OFind (on github via prepan), I'd say your coding style is very unlikely to get you laughed off CPAN. The only thing that might be worth changing would be your Capitalised_Method_Names, but that's a minor niggle - at least you're mostly consistent.

That said, I don't think it's worth publishing File::OFind on CPAN. This time last year, perhaps, but as of a few months ago we have Path::Class::Rule which seems to do everything your module does (OO, iterator based, allows short-circuiting), and more (good framework for combining multiple tests, lots of handy built-in tests).

Of course, if a number of people are already using your module, then it might still make sense to publish it, so that they have an easy place to grab the latest version, and so that you can benefit from the many facilities CPAN offers (RT bug tracker, CPAN testers, etc). In that case though it's probably worth pointing prominently to Path::Class::Rule in a SEE ALSO section of your documentation.