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Re^4: In need of guidance

by luis.roca (Deacon)
on Feb 06, 2012 at 01:52 UTC ( #952014=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: In need of guidance
in thread In need of guidance

From the OP:

"My current project idea is to make another music organizer/cleaner, the difference is that for those unrecognized/unnamed songs it should use a "Music Recognition Software" to name the song correctly and set also an album picture on every faceless song, all thanks to music recognition which i still need to find. I approached the monastery gates in look for some answers for my project, but i still accept wisdom words."

I'm failing to see where in your first reply this was addressed or even how it was addressed in a way others hadn't done so already?

"Of course, that has the defect of restricting the positions I expressed to the addressee only (unless he decides to post the messages, of course), which would be admirable in terms of laying those out for future readers -- who may or may not agree -- but the defect of laying the writer our to public shaming for use of abbreviations, loose language, etc, to convey those ideas in a limited message box."

If you would like to display what you sent me via private /msg please do so, however I don't see how that burden should fall to me. I also find it odd that you would highlight how you decided to /msg me given it seems you find it an ineffective method with SoPW posters. Personally I don't see how it takes that much more effort to correct an OP via private /msg than to essentially write replies with the same theme over and over again.

"The essence of my reply -- in my view -- is that it offers several constructive suggestions, in language which may be direct enough to penetrate the skull of an OP who chose to make NO visible effort on his own."

Yes we strongly disagree here. I have not noticed any improvement in the quality of new member SoPWs in, as you say, the brief time I've been here using your tactic (Again, I know it's not *just* you but you do seem to be one of the most consistently vocal on this issue). I also think that while a question may not be perfect, that does not mean the thread will be of poor quality as well. There are many examples of threads improving when given a chance. If monks find the topic interesting, they will contribute and many times it will end up making for a great thread.

Why stifle that with a "Hey Newbie! You stink at asking questions! Read our rules or GO AWAY!" type of reply? I'm NOT saying to give people a free pass, just lay off the bashing. If you don't have something to contribute to the topic then ignore it. If others have already scolded the OP don't add to it. If the OP hasn't been scolded, hold off until someone else can help them or they've had a chance to correct the mistakes. (Again, if you feel strongly about it /msg them). Certainly DON'T approve a thread you think was poorly written just so you can have a chance for everyone to see your reply bashing the new kid.

"...the adversities born of well-placed thoughts should be considered mercies rather than misfortunes." Don Quixote

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