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This section is an ever-growing online textbook, from which you can learn the basics of Perl, or some nifty stuff you haven't seen before.

Should I post here?

While you can post directly to the Tutorials section, this has certain drawbacks. A generally better approach is to follow this procedure:

  1. Write up your draft tutorial and put it in your scratchpad; broadcast requests for comments in the chatterbox and elsewhere.
    After revising,
  2. Post it as a new Meditation, with "RFC" in the title.
    Later, if it is generally acclaimed to be worthy of Tutorials, but needs more work first, then make the necessary revisions and
  3. Post the final version as a Tutorials node.
Since ideally the Tutorials section has a high value-to-noise ratio, tutorial documents should be in as finished a state as possible before being posted to that section. (Not that it's the end of the world if they aren't.)

If you would be interested in writing a Tutorial but aren't sure what to write about, or if you have an idea for a Tutorial but can't commit to writing it — check out the Tutorials Quest!

Also of interest: How does editing work in the Tutorials section?

If you have Tutorials-related questions or requests, you may /msg them to Pedagogues.

All of the following categories are Perl related, with the exception of the first one, which is PerlMonks related, and the last one.

Tutorial Categories


New Tutorials  (Top)

Understanding and Using PerlMonks  (Top)

Here are some tutorials to help you get started with various aspects of using PerlMonks — affectionately known as the "Monastery".

(Also check out this related section in the Code Catacombs)

Getting Started with Perl  (Top)

Here are some accessible tutorials for those who are just starting out:

Getting Deeper Into Perl  (Top)

Strings  (Top)

Related Q&A

Subroutines  (Top)

Related Q&A

Input and Output  (Top)

Related Q&A

Modules: How to Create, Install, and Use  (Top)

Web Programming  (Top)

Related Code

See also: merlyn's WebTechniques Perl columns.

Win32  (Top)

Related Code

XML Technologies  (Top)

Pattern Matching, Regular Expressions, and Parsing  (Top)

Related Q&A

Database Programming  (Top)

Related Q&A and Code

Object Oriented Programming  (Top)

Related Q&A

User Interfaces  (Top)

Related Q&A and Code

Testing and QA Tutorials  (Top)

Debugging and Optimization  (Top)

Threads, Multi-Processing, and Inter-Process Communication  (Top)

Network Programming  (Top)

Related Q&A and Code

Miscellaneous Modules  (Top)

Miscellaneous Perl Tutorials  (Top)

Non-English Tutorials  (Top)

Other Topics  (Top)

Topics which aren't really about Perl, but which are of interest to the Perl programmer.
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