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Re: Resolve list of DNS names

by mikeB (Friar)
on Jul 11, 2001 at 23:53 UTC ( [id://95835]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to (code) Resolve list of DNS names

Check out this recent thread on validating IP addresses. It's not quite as simple as you might think.

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Re: (2) Resolve list of DNS names (reverse lookup, CPAN modules)
by ybiC (Prior) on Jul 12, 2001 at 03:40 UTC
    Thanks for the thread-link, mikeB.   8^)

    However, my infile sanity-check isn't intended to parse or untaint IP addresses.   If I ever do add support for IP address input (reverse-lookups), I'll likely look to CPAN for a module.   A quick search turned up these candidates: Net::IPAddr-Find, Net::IPv4Addr, Net::IP, and NetAddr::IP.
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      Get the following error. What should i do? print (...) interpreted as function at ./ line 112. syntax error at ./ line 120, near "sub UNLINK " Can't use global @_ in "my" at ./ line 121, near "= $_" syntax error at ./ line 128, near "}" Execution of ./ aborted due to compilation errors.
        The new error it created after I put the file was: Error reading input file "":
        Whew! Finally got it to work. Now is there a way to make this multi-threaded? I'm a newbee so I have no idea how to accomplish this.
        Yes. The program runs now but now I get the following error. Error reading input file "": No such file or directory. I created the file in the home folder with and put a list of domains in it ie: But still get the same error. My System Mac OSX 10.4.11 Net::DNS 0.65 Spreadsheet::WriteExcel 2.25 Perl 5.008006 Local OS darwin

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