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Github repo up, bootstrap partially working

by JayBonci (Curate)
on Mar 19, 2012 at 00:31 UTC ( #960350=pmdevtopic: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Hey everybody, I've put together some basic utilities to bootstrap a raw perlmonks from the XML available here on the server. It'll improve as patches get applied to correct missing pieces and as more people take a look at it. I've got a wider goal to unify the codebase with E2, and so that the improvements we are making over there can wash back with you guys.
What's working:
  • vagrant up, environment similar to E2, based on squeeze and perl 5.10
  • Bootstrap, however lots of server errors on the page (go to http://localhost:8888/?node=Login once it is up).
What's missing:
  • Pieces to generate cachedgates.html
  • A few needed dependency modules need to be added to the chef recipes. I saw one, but forgot to jot it down. I'll add it once we work through a few of the errors.
  • The script stupidly scrapes Node Lister for every category, because it's a dumb comparion. Also, my username is hardcoded in.

Going forward, I'd like to know how the administration would like to handle patches to the core libraries. I've made two small ones to Everything::NodeBase to handle conditions that won't come up in production, only bootstrapping, but after we're settled and bootstrappable w/o errors, I'm going to see what we can do to merge the codebases, and move forward.

As a note, the vagrant environment is VERY convenient for Devel::NYTProf and Apache::DB so it makes really digging into the code quite easy. Happy hacking!

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Github repo up, bootstrap working 98%
by JayBonci (Curate) on Mar 19, 2012 at 19:24 UTC
    Hey folks, after the last patch applied from tye (thanks!), the site bootstraps about 98% properly, and I'm ready for people to poke at it and submit patches and updates. A few caveats:
    • The root password as in the pm user account 'root' is "blah"
    • Root does not belong to the gods usergroup. This is a slight deficiency in the way the nodegroup data gets pulled from the nodescrape repo. You can insert the user account on the back end with "INSERT INTO nodegroup (nodegroup_id,node_id) VALUES(114,113);"
    • If you see a node that should have content, but does not, then you will need to add the appropriate skeleton driver for it in Everything::node::*. You can see plenty of examples in there of E2 types and a few perlmonk types to get it to work. For instance, I needed to tell it that css nodetypes are descendants of document_id, so that it knew to clone node_id into document_id and then insert those two fields on bootstrap.
    • There are some E2isms hard-coded in, but if you see one, it's an opportunity to abstract it away.
    • If you need to scp out of the box, I'll have more docs available there eventually, but the root password is vagrant, or you can add the edev_root key to your agent.
    • We're missing some of the bot agents, such as NodeReaper
    I'm happy to assist anyone in getting the environment set up.


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