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Outlook security dialog box

by gautamparimoo (Beadle)
on Mar 28, 2012 at 10:45 UTC ( #962144=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
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I am trying to capture the contents of the outlook account into a folder which contains all mails and attachments.I a have been ableto do it sucessfully but a security dialog box comes when ever somebody tries to access outlook programatically. Now i want to automate the entriesin this dialog box by using a thread which is called to perform the actions on the dialog box. the code is as follows.

use strict; use Thread; use Win32::OLE::Const 'Microsoft Outlook'; use Win32::OLE; use Win32::OLE qw(in with); use Win32::GUI; use Win32::GuiTest; use IO::File; use Getopt::Long; use File::Basename; use POSIX qw(tmpnam); #$|++; ## These variable will be used to store the command line argufromnts my $SAVEDIR = $ARGV[0]; my $ATTACH_PATH = $SAVEDIR."\\attachments\\"; my $ITEMS; do { mkdir $SAVEDIR or die "Can't mkdir $SAVEDIR $!\n" } unless -d $SAVEDIR; do { mkdir $ATTACH_PATH or die "Can't mkdir $ATTACH_PATH $!\n" } unless -d $ATTACH_PATH; sub chkOpts { if(!$ARGV[0]) { print "\n",'Please enter the directory path for eg: exportOutl +ook D:/output so that the output files can be stored in that location +.',"\n"; exit; } } my $thr1 = Thread->new(\&handleOutlookSecurity); sub findSecurityWindow # this method detects whether a security window popped up in Outlook. +If it is # the case, it needs to be processed so that the script can be execute +d. # Else it'll pend. { my $messageClass = "#32770"; my $winName = "Microsoft Outlook"; return Win32::GUI::FindWindow($messageClass,$winName); #c } sub clearSecurityWindow # this method brings the security window on top of all the others, hen +ce focusing it # and sends it a series of keystrokes in order to validate it. { my $securityHandle = shift; while ($securityHandle!=Win32::GUI::GetForegroundWindow())#c { Win32::GUI::SetForegroundWindow($securityHandle);#c Win32::GUI::Enable($securityHandle);#c } # now send key sequence that will allow maximum time for code to ru +n # The sequence is as follows : initially the no button is focused.. +. # One tab brings us to cancel, another tab to the time tick box # a spacebar hit will tick the box. Then a tab will select the drop +-down # list in order for us to choose the time length. One more tab brin +gs us to Yes. A keypress on the End key will # select maximum time. Then a return key will validate our choice # 2 tabs - spacebar - 2 tab - one end - one return Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("{TAB}"); Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("{TAB}"); Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("{SPACEBAR}"); Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("{TAB}"); #Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("{DOWN}"); #Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("{DOWN}"); Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("{TAB}"); Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("{END}"); Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("{ENTER}"); } sub clearSecurityWindow2 # this method does the same as clearSecurityWindow but handles the sec +ond security window. { my $securityHandle = shift; while ($securityHandle!=Win32::GUI::GetForegroundWindow()) #c { Win32::GUI::SetForegroundWindow($securityHandle); #c Win32::GUI::Enable($securityHandle); #c } Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("{TAB}"); Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("{TAB}"); Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("{ENTER}"); } sub handleOutlookSecurity { # We don't need to sleep but just to be safe sleep 3; my $securityHandle = 0; while (not ($securityHandle)) # detects Outlook's popup window tha +t asks whether access should be granted to { $securityHandle = findSecurityWindow(); # wait for security win +dow to pop-up... } # window has been found - clear it clearSecurityWindow($securityHandle); # We need the "Yes" button to be active sleep 10; $securityHandle = 0; while (not ($securityHandle)) { $securityHandle = findSecurityWindow(); # wait for security win +dow to pop-up... } # window has been found - clear it clearSecurityWindow2($securityHandle); } sub main { # init OLE, COINIT_OLEINITIALIZE required when using MAPI.Session +objects Win32::OLE->Initialize(Win32::OLE::COINIT_OLEINITIALIZE); #die Win32::OLE->LastError(),"\n" if Win32::OLE->LastError( ); # Create a new MAPI session my $OUTLOOK = Win32::OLE->new('Outlook.Application') or die "Could not instatiate Outlook: " . Win32::OLE::LastError(); my $NS = $OUTLOOK->GetNamespace("MAPI") or die "Could not get namespace: " . Win32::OLE::LastError(); for my $parent ( 1..$NS->Folders->Count ) { recurse_folders( $NS->Folders($parent), $parent ); } sub recurse_folders { my ($folder, $parent) = @_; return if $folder->DefaultItemType != olMailItem; # not a ma +il folder #my $fh = get_fh("$parent/".$folder->Name); # if ( ("$parent/".$folder->Name) =~ m/$ROOT_FOLDER/i ) #{ #printf "\n\nFolder: %s\nTotal entries: %s\n", # "$parent/".$folder->Name, $folder->Items->Count if $DEBUG +; for my $i (1..$folder->Items->Count) { printf "Processing %d\r", ++$ITEMS; my $message = $folder->Items->Item($i); next unless $message->Class == olMail; # mail item #next if $DEBUG and $DEBUG < 4 ; #(my $body = $message->Body || '' ) =~ s/\r//g; (my $body = $message->Body || '' ); my $attach = $message->Attachments; my $subject = $message->Subject; my $splitSubject = substr($subject,0,30); $splitSubject =~ s/\W/ /g; my $outputFile = $SAVEDIR.'\\'.$splitSubject."_".$ITEMS.". +txt"; open(MESSAGEFILE, '>',$outputFile) or print $outputFile," +$!"; print MESSAGEFILE $body; close(MESSAGEFILE); #Store the attachments if any of the current mail item for my $attach_index (1..$attach->Count) { my $attachment = $attach->item($attach_index); my $filename = $attachment->Filename; #print "Attachment == ",$filename,"\n"; my $saveas = $ATTACH_PATH.$ITEMS."_".$filename; #print "saving attachment '$filename' to '$saveas'...\ +n"; $attachment->SaveAsFile($saveas); warn "error saving attachment $filename to $saveas" if + !-e $saveas; } } #} # recursive tree walk if ($folder->Folders and $folder->Folders->Count) { for my $i (1..$folder->Folders->Count) { recurse_folders($folder->Folders($i),"$parent/".$folder->N +ame); } } } } chkOpts(); main();

But iam getting the following error:Thread 1 terminated abnormally: Undefined subroutine &Win32::GUI::FindWindow cal led at line 53. Pls help...


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Re: Outlook security dialog box
by marto (Archbishop) on Mar 28, 2012 at 11:03 UTC

      I am able to process the outlook mails but i am not able to disable the outlook warning dialog box which is handled by Win32::GUI which seems to be giving an error

Re: Outlook security dialog box
by tokpela (Chaplain) on Mar 28, 2012 at 15:21 UTC

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