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Re^2: Random Tips on Parse::RecDescent

by Anonymous Monk
on Apr 27, 2012 at 10:53 UTC ( #967587=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Random Tips on Parse::RecDescent
in thread Random Tips on Parse::RecDescent

The example in random tip #16 does not explicitly spell out that you need to :

use Text::DelimMatch;

and in the grammar definition you need a rule :

newline: "\n"

With those two things in place the code works fine for parsing multi line HTML comments.

Parsing multi line C style comments is complicated by the fact that * is a regexp character so it needs escaping. I managed to get the following code to work OK based on technique outlined in the tip. I'm sure it could be done better but I was struggling with the escaping

# Function to cope with multiline comments # Must be placed in main section of program sub parse_multilinecomment { my $text = shift; my $mc = new Text::DelimMatch( '\\/\\*', '\\*\\/' ); my ( $p, $m, $r ) = $mc->match( '/*' . $text ); if ($p) { $text = $p; } else { $text = ""; } $text .= $r if ($r); $m =~ s/^\/\*//; $m =~ s/\*\/$//; return $text, $m; }

and the grammar rules :

newline: "\n" multilinecomment: <skip: qr/[ \t]*/> newline(0..) '/*' { ($text,$return) = main::parse_multilinecomment($text); print $return . "\n"; $return = ['xcomment',$return]; }

Successfully matches the following example :

/* A multiple line /* with nested */ comment */

Hope this may help someone


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