The Perl Monks Guide to the Monastery

Welcome to PerlMonks, the Monastery of Perl. We hope your stay is long and enjoyable. You are probably wondering what this is all about. Hopefully this page will answer some of those questions.

PerlMonks is many things to many people, including:

Finding Your Way Around

First, the Monastery has some repositories of information useful to the Perl Monk, designed to help you get the most out of your experience here. Second, we have a number of areas, called sections, where people can post code, questions, and responses (known generically as "nodes") in a threaded forum-like format. As an adjunct to those sections, there are various views into the great node repository which assist you in finding nodes of interest to you — recently posted nodes, say, or meditations posted by a certain monk. Finally, we have an assortment of pages not easily classifiable elsewhere.

This is just an overview. Exhaustive documentation on every aspect of the PerlMonks web site can be found in the PerlMonks FAQ.


The PerlMonks FAQ - Your one-stop shop for Nearly Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About PerlMonks. Maintained by the SiteDocClan.

Tidings - What's New at PerlMonks.

Voting/Experience System - Many newcomers are confused by this aspect of PerlMonks. This should clear things up.

Perl FAQ and Library - Our local copy of the standard Perl documentation set, for your convenience. Note, however, that the content is not being maintained and is now a couple versions old.

Where can I find more information on... - Various other sites which Perl Monks might find useful.
See especially PerlMonks-Related Resources on Other Servers.


Seekers of Perl Wisdom - The place you can go when you have got a question on how to do something or are unsure why something just isn't working. Then other Perl Monks can offer you their wisdom and suggestions.

Meditations - Have you found out something amazing about Perl which you just need to share with everyone? Have you had a Perl epiphany, or found something in Perl which just blows your mind? This is the place for those neat little tricks and amazing discoveries.

PerlMonks Discussion - For discussions relating specifically to this web site, and how things work around here. For example, if you think the Monastery could be improved in some particular way, raise it for discussion here.

Tutorials - An ever-growing online textbook from which you can learn the basics of Perl or some nifty stuff you haven't tried before. This area is managed by the Pedagogues.

Obfuscated code - Got code which would take a Perl grand master to understand? Post it here so we can stare at it in awe.

Perl Poetry - The name pretty much says it all.

Cool Uses for Perl - This is the place to share or show off your work of Perl prose. Posts can be of any size — from the brilliant one-liner to the work-horse module to the full-blown application program.

Reviews - If you are shopping around for the Perl module or book which is just right for your needs, read these reviews — written by your fellow Perl Monks — to help you make an informed decision.
Conversely, if you have used a module or read a book, and you think other Perl Monks might benefit from your experiences, please share them here by writing a review!

Perl News - Timely news and announcements for, and from, the Perl Monks, and from the wider Perl community.

Find Interesting Nodes

The Monastery Gates - The "default" page of the web site, it shows recent nodes from all sections which have been deemed most worthy of public exposure — the "face" of PerlMonks.

Super Search - Full-text and title searches, with additional filtering by section, age, author, and many other criteria.

Newest Nodes - An up-to-the minute listing of all the nodes which were created since "the last time you checked".

Recently Updated Home Nodes - Similar to Newest Nodes, a listing of the user homenodes which have been modified since "the last time you checked". (Note that only changes designated by their authors as "significant" will register in this list.)

Recently Active Threads - A threaded view of the Monastery's active content. It's like Newest Nodes on steroids.

Selected Best Nodes - A random selection of 50 of the top 2000 nodes of all time, as ranked by node reputation. The selection is re-sampled daily.

Best Nodes - The top 10 nodes of the Day, the Week, and the Month, and the top 20 nodes of the Year.

Worst Nodes - The bottom 10 nodes of the Day, the Week, and the Month, and the bottom 20 nodes of the Year.

Saints in our Book - "Saints" here is more figurative, or honorary; this is a list of Monks who have at least 3000 experience points, which technically makes them Level 13: Curate, not Level 26: Saint.

Illuminations - A curated set of posts from the SOPW section which have been esteemed by our venerable monks to be exceptional. They are organized into categories.

Additional Miscellany

The St. Larry Wall Shrine - A neat compendium of articles by and about the creator of Perl.

Offering Plate - If you find this place to be of value, you can show your appreciation by helping defray the costs of keeping the site up and running.

Awards - Accolades and other noteworthy public mentions of PerlMonks.

Buy Stuff - Yes, you can actually buy Perl and PerlMonks-related gear... such as a t-shirt with the famous camel code obfu on it!

Categorized Questions and Answers (disabled) - This was our in-house compendium of "frequently asked" Perl-related questions and their answers. The questions have been converted to ordinary SOPW posts, and tagged with a special flag. They can be browsed at Illuminations.

Snippets Section (disabled) - This was a place to show off clever, useful, short bits of code, such as one-liners. As such, it was redundant with Cool Uses For Perl, and so the writeups posted in this section were converted to CUFP posts. They have a special tag, and can be browsed at Snippets.

Code Catacombs (disabled) - This was intended as a place to post full-blown programs and modules. As such, it was redundant with Cool Uses For Perl, but much interesting and useful code can still be found there.

Craft (disabled) - This was a place for perlsmiths to showcase their code. As such, it was redundant with Cool Uses For Perl, but it still makes an interesting read.

Please read the Posting on PerlMonks section of the PerlMonks FAQ before posting. You won't regret it!

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