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But I don’t seem to be being too successful at starting one here...
Why is the only response that has so-far been offered here, to this I-think important question, “thirty downvotes?”

I downvoted your node because of the blatant disregard to the 20+ replies you got to this root post and your other root post. If you're not going to look at and address the arguments these replies bring forth, but instead clamor for a poll, I can only assume that is because the replies are not in favour of your argument and you hope that a poll might be.

What arguments or discussions from elsewhere on the Internet might you bring to the discussion that I am (still...) trying to launch?

Why should arguments elsewhere have bearing on how things are here?

If you're trying to launch a discussion, maybe that discussion would benefit from you not just arguing a side but addressing the arguments of the other side?

I feel that my reply to your first such post was not addressed, and still stands. I won't repeat it as you seem to be unlikely to read it this time around.

Update: Tyops