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(Ovid - stop asking if you don't want answers) Re: problems editing a flat-file

by Ovid (Cardinal)
on Jul 18, 2001 at 00:34 UTC ( #97436=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to problems editing a flat-file

Hello, deriwana. Why, pray tell, dost thou post anonymously? Could it because this is virtually the same problem that you had before? Could it be because numerous monks tried to answer your questions but you don't care to listen?

We also tried to help you when you asked earlier. Oh, and here's another time you asked this same question. This post, therefore, is at least the fourth time that you have asked for help, but ignored the answers. Why is this?


Hmm... I seem to be particularly testy today :(

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Re: (Ovid - stop asking if you don't want answers) Re: problems editing a flat-file
by deriwana (Initiate) on Jul 18, 2001 at 00:49 UTC
    Well I can see the flames are spreading through the monastery today..

    Wonder why I'm asking the same questions..because so far very little of the suggestions provided have worked.
    You are right about it being "virtually" the same problem as before, HOWEVER, I am making progress and I am much closer to a solution to this than before
    Wouldn't it have been nice if everyone was very patient with YOU when YOU were first learning perl?

      I've never really noticed the multiple posts and such, so I personally have no hard feeling against you (yet)... but you might start with "use strict", get rid of all the silly mistakes and *then* ask again

      The links that Ovid points out have the same advice for you to use strict. You may want to act out on everybody else's advice first if you want everybody else to be patient.

      I think if you post the same script again without at least doing that much, you're going to get even worse of a reaction...

Re: (Ovid - stop asking if you don't want answers) Re: problems editing a flat-file
by Anonymous Monk on Jun 03, 2002 at 19:12 UTC
    I think your answer in this email is extremely rude and you didn't bother to answer the initial question, just post your critiques. I seem to find that throughout this board.

    When someone asks a question for a specific answer, do you think they need to be bogged down with a bunch of criticisms that have nothing to do with the question at hand? The most irritating part is that after reading all the crap that was written, the answer to the original question is rarely there...when someone DOES address a question, the "answer" is usually incomplete.

    This is so counterproductive to someone TRYING to learn. I would recommend that anyone trying to learn the basics of cgi and perl to leave this board and head over to and search for another one.

    This seems to be a board just for propaganda. geez....

    By the way, the person who posted the questions you are referring to in your above post actually posted a DIFFERENT question on the links you're referring to - and THEY WEREN'T ANSWERED EITHER.

    This board and the people who claim to be helping are laughable.

      Nope, read the posts again and you'll see that deriwana was asking essentially the same question.

      Imagine the following. I can't find my car keys, so I ask a friend for help. My friend comes over and sees clothes all over the floor, papers strewn everywhere, and trash piling up. My friend says "How can you find your keys in this mess? Clean your room and it will be easier to find."

      Time passes and I again ask my friend to help me find my keys. What does my friend see? I've now pulled out all of my drawers and strewn even more stuff around the room. When my friend says "I'm not going to help because you didn't clean your room", is my friend being rude or am I inconsiderate for ignoring my friend's advice?

      deriwana was using strict at one point and decided to remove it. Warnings would have helped, but this person ignored advice to use them, also. deriwana was also eval'ing a chunk of vanilla Perl. This person was also asked to provide information from log files, but didn't.

      In short, multiple people pointed out that cleaning the room would make the keys easier to find, but deriwana chose to make the room messier. Read through my posts. You will see that I have spent a considerable amount of time helping people out with many problems. Invariably, if I am a bit short with someone, it's because of issues like this (or if they flame).

      I will happily help someone with a problem that I feel I understand. Heck, I even help them clean their room. I won't, however, clean their room for them. Further, if their room gets messier after being told why they should clean it, I'm not going to help any more.

      Hope that helps ;-)


      Join the Perlmonks Setiathome Group or just click on the the link and check out our stats.

        make you mom clean your room
      Thank you for this extremely constructive criticism.

      This seems to be a board just for propaganda. geez....

      Geez indeed! We're raking it in hand-over-fist every time we mention here. Ovid himself is simply rolling in it. Fortune magazine has contacted several monks to profile them simply based on the riches made by promoting :)

      What do you really think? CGI is some sort of weird Amway we're selling here? We recommend it because we find it helped us get our jobs done faster, when our job was to make fairly straightforward interactive web pages.

      I know that when I first came to the Monastery, I hardly understood some of the important discipline necessary for successful (Perl) programming. If you look at some of my recent work you'll see I still have a long way to go. What you won't find is me complaining about suggestions to program carefully , to implement careful controls (like 'use strict'), and pointers to things that can save me time (i.e. "here's the wheel you are trying to invent, you can do something else now"). Why? Because I know that the other monks are looking out for me and my long-term success as a (Perl) programmer.

      Now, I am nowhere near the great programmer that some of my fellow monks are and I'm not always as cheerfully helpful as Ovid is, but I know that for my part I am incredibly glad that PerlMonks exists and that the people here take the time to give out for free the help and advice that they do.

      So if you really want us to change, why not set an example by signing up and answering some of the latest questions yourself? If you have a better way to do CGI than, please fill us in!

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