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Geezus, I hop in today after being absent a few days and it looks like some wannabe bad ass teenage 80s punks with pink mohawks are attempting to look cool at streetgang warfare. Pathetic doesn't even cover it.

So lets see. Our infamous, Monk sundialsvc4 makes another over the top, eccentric post like he typically does in if statement confusion. Was his post so egregious that it was really worth derailing a thread over?? Do Not Feed the Trolls!!! comes to mind, regardless of whether sundialsvc4 is troll or not (I prefer to go with eccentric myself).

And then to top it off, stevieb goes all [alleged] defamation of character on poor fellow monk blackstarr for reasons only someone who has been slipped a Mickey Finn could understand.

Like I said, pathetic does not even cover it. Imagine yourself back in college, kicking back with friends, having fun, while getting some studying done. THAT imo is the kind of vibe we should be aiming for.

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