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Think about Loose Coupling

by ergowolf (Monk)
on May 01, 2000 at 01:43 UTC ( [id://9769]=sourcecode: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Category: mail client
Author/Contact Info ergowolf
Description: This is a Lotus Notes client written in perl.
use strict;
use Win32::OLE;

my %count;
my $Buffer;
my $choice;
my $doc;
my $Document;
my %noteshash = ();
my $num;
my $userid = "x";
my $search;
my $server = "x/x";
my $val;
my $VERSION = '1.0';

my $Notes = Win32::OLE->new('Notes.NotesSession')or die "Cannot start 
+Lotus Notes Session object.\n";
my $Database = $Notes->GetDatabase("$server", "mail\$userid.nsf") or d
+ie "Could not open database.\n";
my $AllDocuments = $Database->AllDocuments;
my $Count = $AllDocuments->Count;
my @counted = (1 .. $Count);

print "\n\nPlease wait while the notes mail file is processed . . .\n\
foreach $doc (@counted) {
        $Document = $AllDocuments->GetNthDocument($doc);
        $val = sprintf "$doc. %s", $Document->GetFirstItem('Subject')-

while ($choice ne "Q"){
print "\n\nWelcome to the Perl Notes client.\n";
print "Press I to look at an index of email.\n";
print "Press B to look at the body of a message.\n";
print "Press Q to exit the program.\n";
chomp($choice = <STDIN>);
$choice =~ tr/a-z/A-Z/;

        if ($choice eq "I") {

        if ($choice eq "B") {
        if ($choice eq "Q") {

sub idex {
my $docnum;

print "What is the first number you would like to see? ";
chomp($docnum = <STDIN>);

my $limit = $docnum + 5;
        for ($docnum; $docnum < $limit; $docnum++) {
        print "Number: $doc Subject: $noteshash{$docnum}\n";
sub body {
print "What document would you like to look at? ";
chomp($doc = <STDIN>);
$Document = $AllDocuments->GetNthDocument($doc);
my @Attributes = $Buffer->info();
printf "\n\n$doc. %s\n", $Document->GetFirstItem('Body')->{Text};

=head1 NAME

getnotes - This script gets all the documents in a notes database and 
+prints out a document by number.


This is my first attempt at accessing notes databases from perl.  I ca
+n think of some interesting uses for notes and perl.
I would specifically like to pull an email and compare it with a list 
+from another file.  This script is still in beta.

=head1 README

This script gets all the documents in a notes database and prints out 
+a document by number.


This script has a few requirements.  You will need the Win32::OLE modu
You will also need to change the values for nsf and server.







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by diotalevi (Canon) on Dec 07, 2004 at 23:41 UTC

    The preceding has a few minor bugs and overall, isn't terribly useful as programs go. See Notes::OLE - Lotus Domino via Win32::OLE for an actual Domino developer's take on Win32::OLE access to Lotus Domino.

    my $Database = $Notes->GetDatabase( ... ) or die ...

    This will never fail. If the database does not exist then the database will not be opened and the $Database->{'IsOpen'} property will be false. Test that instead. Someone else already noted that "mail\$userid.nsf" is incorrect and either "mail\\$userid.nsf" or better, $Database->OpenMail() should be used.

    $AllDocuments->GetNthDocument( ... )

    This is known to be a wastefully expensive way to access a Document in a DocumentCollection. Instead of getting documents by number, use an iterator:

    my $doc = $AllDocuments->GetFirstDocument; while ( $doc ) { ... $doc = $AllDocuments->GetNextDocument( $doc ); }
      I can't seem to get the attachments. any help here?
by buckaduck (Chaplain) on Jul 09, 2001 at 18:05 UTC
    For those having trouble:

    When accessing my email in Lotus Notes (which is what I presume the others are trying to do), I simply use an empty string for the server and the nsf. After accessing the database object, I call the OpenMail method:

    my $Database = $Notes->GetDatabase("", "") or die "Could not open database.\n"; $Database->OpenMail;


      Might want to replace $val = sprintf "$doc. %s", $Document->GetFirstItem('Subject')->{Text}; with: my $tempsub = $Document->GetFirstItem('Subject'); if ( defined($tempsub)) { $tempsub = $tempsub->{Text}; } else { $tempsub = "No Subject"; } $val = sprintf "$doc. %s", $tempsub; or something equivalent. Stops it knackering when some uncultured swine sends you an email with no subject title.
by Anonymous Monk on Jan 12, 2001 at 13:20 UTC
    Any way to get to the attachments in the e-mail? I can see that the attachments are there but can't get at the data
by Thomas (Initiate) on May 23, 2000 at 15:24 UTC
    >my $AllDocuments = $Database->AllDocuments; This line fails for me, it doesn't seem like I have any problems connecting to the notes database though. Is there a place with some docs on which functions I can use on the $Database object?
      same problem here. Did you gain any insights since then?
      I don't know if this is answered already but when you try and open a database the code uses: mail\$userid.nsf In actuallity it should be this: mail\\$userid.nsf double back slashes. You won't get an error that the database is not opened unless you tried to open a view via the database property. Thanks, Yoofi:
by t'mo (Pilgrim) on Jan 05, 2001 at 22:23 UTC

    Any updates?

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