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Excellent points. Thanx!

I wonder how many people turn to perldoc. Or is it just one of those things people tell other people to do. :P

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by Athanasius (Bishop) on Jul 15, 2012 at 04:17 UTC

    For me, “perldoc” has 3 distinct (albeit related) meanings:

    • The perldoc command line tool. I seldom use this.
    • The perldoc website. I keep this permanently open in my browser, and refer to it regularly. I particularly like the convenience of the “Search” feature.
    • The downloaded documentation (perldoc.tar.gz). I use the HTML version for browsing when the website is down or slow, and the PDF version for printed hardcopies, which make great bedtime reading. ;-)

    So, yes, some of us, at least, do regularly turn to perldoc. It’s a great resource, and, for me, one which has become almost indispensable. (And, while I’m at it, I should highlight the perldoc FAQs and Tutorials, valuable resources which are all-too-easy to overlook in the heat of programming.)

    Athanasius <°(((><contra mundum

      I concur with the above. Also, if you have an iPad (etc.), it makes for good reading during commutes or any other time you find yourself sitting around (for example, in a certain room in the house...)