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Based on what you're describing, I personally would approach this in a totally different manner.

It sounds like you're running something on a central system that issues remote commands to remote systems. That sounds like a network is involved. If so, the solution is very simple if you have the remote systems access a file share on the network.

Here's what I would do in your situation:

With portable Strawberry Perl, you're not installing Perl. Instead, you run a batch file that opens a command prompt and sets environment variables for just that command prompt. From that command prompt and only that command prompt, you can run Perl. With a little batch file tweaking, you can modify it to take inputs (such as the Perl script to run) and then it can run a Perl script with the full Perl environment.

For example, I want to add the Win32::TieRegistry module.

To have that or any other Perl module available, you just need to install those modules into the portable Strawberry Perl that's on that network share and then all of your "client" systems can use that module.

To allow others to run their modified version of the Perl script without installing Perl on the remote systems, I believe this may be one of the easiest methods to do so.