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Re^8: Perl 6: Managing breakages across Rakudo versions

by raiph (Chaplain)
on Jul 20, 2012 at 16:47 UTC ( #982865=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^7: Perl 6: Managing breakages across Rakudo versions
in thread Perl 6: Managing breakages across Rakudo Star versions

But I hope you are correct, and we see Perl 6 out in say 3 years.

Just for the clarity of anyone who might be reading along, and wondering about Perl 6, and thinking it is not out, Perl 6 is most assuredly already out:

  • A largely complete and coherent Perl 6 specification is already out. I agree with the assessment that "Many parts of the language are rather mature, for example the object system and large parts of the syntax. Other parts, like concurrency, are still in flux, and wait for an implementation to try them out." (from It is entirely possible to use Perl 6 and enjoy a largely coherent language if you can deal with the less mature features.
  • A sizable test suite (currently around 24K tests) covering a lot of the spec is already out and is continually updated. In addition, tadzik++ recently created a module smoker (in Perl 6 of course) for the hundred or so currently available Perl 6 modules (to be clear, many of these are tiny and last I looked only about half run with a current compiler).
  • Several compilers are already out, two of which cover many of the spec'd features. Rakudo passes over 90% of the test suite, and its "setting" covers a large and continually growing range of builtins.
But even if Larry says it, I don't think it counts. Because he is not working on the implementations. The right people to give the deadline will jnthn, pmichaud or sorear

While I am confident that Larry intended to aim everyone at productizing Perl 6 by something like the end of 2013, and that the implementors are on board, that date isn't a "deadline". If someone needs an official Perl 6.0.0 declaration, they would be better off ignoring Perl 6 until it gets there rather than imagining there's a deadline. My point in this comment is that (a version of) Perl 6 is actually out and suitable for early adopters willing to deal with immaturity.

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