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In my opinion, this is on topic. The OP is trying to get a better understanding of the batch file that you have to run in order to use portable Strawberry Perl. Sounds like a Perl related question to me. (In case you're not familiar with portable Strawberry Perl, the batch script modifies the environment (such as path) for just that command prompt window.)

From my perspective, your "if it isn't Perl code, you're not allowed to ask about it on PerlMonks" attitude means folks can't ask for help with creating new XS modules or trying to debug issues with compiling Perl modules or compiling Perl from source code since that involves dealing with code that is not purely Perl code. That's just ridiculous IMHO.

That's my 2 cents.

I apologize if the tone of this post sounds harsh. Just tired of seeing folks trying to impose unwritten "policies" by criticizing the person for daring to violate one of those "policies" rather than offering at least a little assistance to the OP. Decided to speak up for once about it.