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Everyone Hates Me

by pokemonk (Scribe)
on Jul 21, 2001 at 04:01 UTC ( [id://98596]=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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Re: Everyone Hates Me!
by footpad (Abbot) on Jul 21, 2001 at 06:13 UTC

    I don't know about everyone on the site hating you. I took a look at your previous nodes and you've gotten some useful feedback.

    While it's true some have less patience than others, I think you'll get the hang of things. Just keep learning Perl and posting related questions as you find them.

    It's true that many post non-Perl related nodes, however, many of these are related--even if obliquely--to the art, livelihood, and practice of professional programming. I'd be careful about posting whatever comes to mind. Try to keep it somewhat related. Better yet, find a way to merge your interests with Perl. For example, you mentioned the Ramones. I presume you have some CD's or MP3's? Think of and tackle a Perl project that does something cool with them. If you get stuck, post the problem. If you finish, post the code.

    Just be aware that most of us expect that posted code should be reviewed carefully. Your code may work, but there may also be a different, perhaps better way to do things and some will point that out. That's OK, because they're trying to help you--and everyone who reads your thread--become a better Perl programmer.

    As you become more experienced, you'll get the hang of things here and find more success as a paid programmer. Just be patient; it takes time and lots of practice.

    In the meantime, try to pay attention to the nodes that you like and the ones that are well-received. Try to figure out what makes them work. Also, expect a little flak...that's part of being involved with a larger community.

    And, finally, remember there's a difference between smart and wise. A wise person listens more than they talk.


Re: Everyone Hates Me!
by jepri (Parson) on Jul 21, 2001 at 12:18 UTC
    I notice that the node in question isn't even on the Nodes to Consider list. I guess somebody wanted to make sure it couldn't get an 'edit' vote

    I found it amusing, although it did make me cringe. I suspect if you had waited a few months and used different vocabulary, it would have got some mixed voting, caused a bit of discussion in the CB, and then gone into the archives, just like this one did.

    And while we're busy being puritan, don't you think we should remove all references to bestiality? It's just not decent, and is hardly related to Perl.

    It annoys me that the response of a so-called educational site is to punish people who have a go but miss the mark a little. I think that someone should have had a quiet word to you, made a few suggestions about the content and then edited the title. I like your enthusiasm.

    I think your post would have been ok with a warning for the easily offended and then a 'highlight to read' edit. To do this just set the background and foreground colours to be the same, so that it is invisible until highlighted.

    And yes, being punk does kick donkey ;)

    I didn't believe in evil until I dated it.

Re: Everyone Hates Me!
by pmas (Hermit) on Jul 21, 2001 at 21:56 UTC
    No, you are mistaken. Nobody here hates you.
    I very rarely ++ questions, I prefer to ++ answers, but I recall I did ++ one of your questions, because I liked your nick. I thought with clever nick, you are clever person, and I hoped XP point will make you feel better (I remember how good it felt for me recently - I am fresh here). I hoped you will visit PM again, and learn, as we all learn here, and I thought this is your goal here.
    You are working hard to prove me wrong, and after long hesitation, I -- this your node.
    I decided not to write you right away, but sleep it over. And here is what I want to tell you:
    This place is called Perl Monastery - and for a good reason. Monastery is a place where people come to spend time in learning, leaving all concens outside. Where noise and distractions are prohibited. Many monks (me, too) like this place, because here is good "signal to noise" ratio, unlike some newsgroups. We want to return and keep this place as it is.

    And we also want to help other monks to appreciate Perl and learn it more. So when you posted your questions, others spend they valuable time answering them - for free. Check merlyn's homenode. Can you imagine how much he charges his paid customers? Here his wisdom is available for you free. Can you appreciate that? And merlyn is only one example, check saints and contemplate how much "cooler" they are. Check srawls - he is just 15, but substatially more experienced than you ... and even me, damn!. I was surprised how good he is. Many (most) monks are more experienced than you, but they do not feel the urge to tell you that "you suck", can you see the difference? Can you guess why?

    Again, I do not hate you. I think you are young frustrated perl beginner, strugling to be better than your peers - and probably you are, because you found this place and (I hope) you are eager to learn more. So think about your attitude, about unwritten rules we have here, submit your questions (after you read FAQ, tutorials ans used Super Search), and we will answer it.

    But I do fell little offended by your language and attitude. And if you decide to be stubborn and refuse to learn (not only Perl), not to change, I will consider -- some your postings which language I do not like. I believe it is my right to do so, as you have right to post it here - even using language I personaly do not like. It is not a threatening, it is advice.

    So I do not hate you - but I believe it is in your own interest to learn, to change, to improve. Many other monk felt like other hated tem, this happens in large communites, and I am not surprised or offended. (read Why me? Why not Ovid? (discussion) to find one example - Ovid and deprecated are monks in good standing with us). So I do not have you - just stop making noise, we are learning here.

    Now, why I am spending almost hour thinking about you and typing this? I wish somebody will help like this to my son, when he will behave like you and will need guidance and help.

    One of nice things abou this site is, you can learn better perl coding, but also learn to be better person. Hubris is a virtue to a Perl programmer, but please read excellent tilly's posting Vice to virtue and back again and you'll realize that sometimes hubris is a vice, and being humble is a virtue. Think if it may apply to you.

    You are fine. Just stop cursing in monastery and come again when you are ready to learn. Good luck! pmas
    To make errors is human. But to make million errors per second, you need a computer.

Re: Everyone Hates Me!
by synapse0 (Pilgrim) on Jul 21, 2001 at 06:50 UTC
    I was very tempted to vote this node --.. but there's no use in kicking someone who's already down..
    Basically, self deprication sucks.
    You can often glean information from even the most scathing post. If there's absolutely nothing of interest in the reply, just ignore it. You'll have a hard time learning if you take things so personally. Just take the parts you can use and discard the rest. It's all about the knowledge you can gain.
    just my blabbering 2 cents.
Re: Everyone Hates Me!
by simon.proctor (Vicar) on Jul 22, 2001 at 01:13 UTC

    Ok theres been a lot of large posts on this but I think I can summarise:

    1. People don't hate you - just don't use profanity and don't be rude
    2. People are busy - don't always expect long answers.
    3. If your answer is in a manual - expect to be told to read the manual and ask the question again if you don't understand what the manual says
    4. Programming is an art - most people are good through practise and experience. This takes time but they all started at ground zero.
    5. If you don't like what someone says to you - just ignore it. They may something you like later in which case you'll be glad you listened.
    6. Programming is about fun - try to have it whereever possible - I personally believe only Perl can do this (seriously)

    I suggest you just wipe the slate clean and think twice post once. You'll get the hang of things and you'll be glad you did.
Re: Everyone Hates Me!
by voyager (Friar) on Jul 21, 2001 at 07:29 UTC
    How could everyone hate you? Not everyone knows you. But seriously ... if you want to be taken seriously don't post crap like you did in the poetry section.
Re: Everyone Hates Me!
by wine (Scribe) on Jul 21, 2001 at 14:14 UTC
    I'm sorry I didn't see you at the show, I must have missed you.
    Don't think I did that shit intentionally, just to diss you.
    And what's this shit you said about you like to cut your wrists too?
    I say that shit just clownin' dawg, c'mon, how fucked up is you?
    You got some issues, Stan, I think you need some counselin'
    To help your ass from bouncin' off the walls when you get down some.

    And what's this shit about us meant to be together?
    That type of shit'll make me not want us to meet each other.
    I really think you and your girlfriend need each other.
    Or maybe you just need to treat her better.
    I hope you get to read this letter.
    I just hope it reaches you in time.
    Before you hurt yourself, I think that you'd be doin' just fine
    If you'd relax a little. I'm glad that I inspire you, but Stan
    Why are you so mad? Try to understand that I do want you as a fan.
    I just don't want you to do some crazy shit.

    ... er, nevermind.

    What I probably mean is, you must be either drunk, mentally instable or have a weird sense of humor.

    Of course we don't hate you. You are a monk, stay in our company, post good stuff and we'll love you for it.

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