in reply to Operator Precedence

In all enerst I must dissagree,
I was tought to program 'by using clear logic and syntax indapendant reason'
at the time I hated the stoggey old fool for thinking that you could teach programing with out using a language, how would you evver be good at any thing?
However in retrospect this methodlogy has proved the best I've ever encounterd, I am able to learn almost any language in verry short order, ( PERL , forth , fortran, C , C++, Java , Etc....) All look the same to me
I am not a expert in any of them but Using brackets or there equivalant I am able to give structer and function to any language I've Ever used ( excepting intercal) with out having to memorize there Precedence table.
I aggree, that over use of brackets to change the Precedence is no good, but it makes a nice crutch, and allows even our web-jocks to read and make sence of my code, although thay could not write it.

Bill N. "To spell, perchance convey my thoughts; or not, remain a lurker for all time"