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Re^4: Dynamic image collages delivered by webserver

by fgsfds100 (Initiate)
on Aug 28, 2012 at 04:11 UTC ( [id://990129]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Dynamic image collages delivered by webserver
in thread Dynamic image collages delivered by webserver

I'd rather be "a lost cause" than a dick like you.

Silly me though, here I thought this was a place were people could ask questions and get answers. You do know that everyone starts somewhere, right? Oh, maybe you just think I'm trying to pawn off some assignment from school/work.

Nope. Hobby, plain and simple. If it was an assignment, I'd be asking my teachers, fellow students or coworkers. But seeing as I'm at home by myself just fiddling around with programming for fun, that's not an option.

And God forbid I leave out examples of my own unrelated perl code, seeing as none of it has ever had anything to do with this particular purpose, or any of the openGL graphics C++ code I've done in the past. I would've assumed putting up stuff like that would garger responses such as "that's unrelated so we don't care". Do you make everybody prove themselves?

If that's the attitude of this entire community, membership ought to be by invite only so you don't have to worry about people like me. Or at the very least, put up a banner that says "if you don't know, we aren't going to tell you" so nobody gets the wrong idea, like I just did, that this is a place to seek help.

Anyway, it sounds to me like you just don't know how to talk to anyone who's not already fully indoctrinated with all the same knowledge you have. But then, who in that boat would even need to ask questions here? I thought those in the know were here to help, but you clearly don't care to even try, so why ARE you here? Just to troll, it seems.


Also, was it so much of a stretch for me to think that someone here has installed those modules on the same setup as mine, and can link to them and give clear and concise instructions? I didn't think so. Windows XP, Perl 5.10. Hardly obscure. The Apache version doesn't even matter.

Then, after that, would it have been so hard to provide something like say...

# .../perl use some_modules; some_function_to_insert_image("C:/filepath",xcood,ycoor,width,height,o +pacity); some_function_to_pick_drawing_color(R,G,B); some_function_to_insert_text("blah blah blah",xCoord,yCoord,size,opaci +ty); some_function_to_pick_drawing_color(R,G,B); some_function_to_draw_line(xCoord1,yCoord1,xCoord1,yCoord1,,lineWidth, +opacity);

Ya, that totally wouldn't been out of the question huh. If you didn't want to help you could've just ignored the topic. But thanks for nothing, jerk.

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Re^5: Dynamic image collages delivered by webserver
by Anonymous Monk on Aug 28, 2012 at 06:56 UTC

    I'd rather be ... Do you make everybody prove themselves? ... If that's the attitude of this entire community ... just don't know how to talk to anyone who's not already fully indoctrinated ...

    A short recap of your "question"

    Short version: I'm kinda interested to build carmobile, but I'm a lazy baby, can you spoon feed me?

    Long version:

    I want to build an carmobile, I've heard I need these massively documented wheels and engine, but its all a bit generalized, ambiguous and over my head, can you spoon feed me?

    me and my magic mirrored eight ball: Not for you

    That is not an answer, is it my setup or are you just trying to be a dick?

    I've seen lots of approaches at getting help, any kind of help, ad-hominem at first sign of push back rarely works

    If my attitude, which the community generally doesn't share, spares the community some grief from rude posters like you, I think its time well spent

    If you really want help don't distract from your goal with rudeness, focus on your goal

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