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Re^2: How to scraper ASP websites

by Anonymous Monk
on Sep 05, 2012 at 20:07 UTC ( #991934=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: How to scraper ASP websites
in thread How to scraper ASP websites

#!/usr/bin/perl use WWW::Mechanize; my $mech = WWW::Mechanize->new(); my $url = (' +--afbudsrejser/'); $mech->get($url); my $hsh={}; $links = $mech->find_all_links(url_regex=>qr/templates\/textPage\.aspx +\?id/i, text_regex=>qr/Afbudsrejser/i); foreach my $link (@$links) { $url = $link->url_abs(); $mech->get($url); my $content = $mech->content(); while ($content=~/tr class="bgrow1"><td>(.*?)<\/td><td cla +ss="countryValue">(.*?)<\/td><td class="destnameValue">(.*?)<\/td><td + class="hotelNameValue">(.*?)<\/td><td class="durationValue">(.*?)<\/ +td><td align="RIGHT" class="priceValue"><a target="_blank" href="(.*? +)">(.*?)<\/a><\/td>/gisxm) { $hsh->{'url'} = $6; $hsh->{'crap_id'} = ''; $hsh->{'date'} = $1; $hsh->{'country'} = $2; $hsh->{'destination'} = $3; $hsh->{'trip_type'} = $4; $hsh->{'trip_length'} = $5; $hsh->{'price'}=$7; print "$hsh->{'date'}, $hsh->{'country'}, $hsh->{'destina +tion'}, $hsh->{'trip_type'}, $hsh->{'trip_length'}, $hsh->{'price'}, +$hsh->{'crap_id'}, $hsh->{'url'}, $airport\n\n"; } }
Please have a look in this code and also check the link and tell me how can I scrape the details from here. Regards

Re: need help in scrapping asp site
by davido (Archbishop) on Sep 06, 2012 at 06:42 UTC

    This is less likely to get help than the node you messily copied and pasted it from.

    My recommendation is to think up an actual programming question relating to the code you are presenting. Something along the lines of:

    I'm trying to scrape a website. The following minimal code snippet is failing to produce the output I was expecting. I was expecting xyz, but instead I'm getting abc, plus an explosion of shards of solidified lava. I think the problem is with the pdq statement, but when I tried lmnop I got hot molten lava instead. How should I rewrite the thingamagizzer so that it would produce xyz rather than abc and hot lava?

    (Fill in the variables and problem description as necessary to reflect the current situation)


Re: need help in scrapping asp site
by 2teez (Vicar) on Sep 06, 2012 at 05:22 UTC
Re: need help in scrapping asp site
by Anonymous Monk on Sep 06, 2012 at 06:56 UTC
    Please check the code:
    use WWW::Mechanize; my $mech = WWW::Mechanize->new(); my @urls = (' +---afbudsrejser/'); foreach my $url (@urls) { $mech->get($url); my $hsh={}; $links = $mech->find_all_links(url_regex=>qr/templates\/textPage\. +aspx\?id/i, text_regex=>qr/Afbudsrejser/i); foreach my $link (@$links) { $url = $link->url_abs(); print "\n\n\n".$url."\n\n"; $mech->get($url); my $content = $mech->content(); print $content; while ($content=~/tr class="bgrow1"><td>(.*?)<\/td><td clas +s="countryValue">(.*?)<\/td><td class="destnameValue">(.*?)<\/td><td +class="hotelNameValue">(.*?)<\/td><td class="durationValue">(.*?)<\/t +d><td align="RIGHT" class="priceValue"><a target="_blank" href="(.*?) +">(.*?)<\/a><\/td>/gisxm) { $hsh->{'url'} = $6; $hsh->{'crap_id'} = ''; $hsh->{'date'} = $1; $hsh->{'country'} = $2; $hsh->{'destination'} = $3; $hsh->{'trip_type'} = $4; $hsh->{'trip_length'} = $5; $hsh->{'price'}=$7; print "$hsh->{'date'}, $hsh->{'country'}, $hsh->{'destinat +ion'}, $hsh->{'trip_type'}, $hsh->{'trip_length'}, $hsh->{'price'}, $ +hsh->{'crap_id'}, $hsh->{'url'}, $airport\n\n"; } } }
    The site is developed in asp , so the source contents are not exact HTML format. That's why I am facing lots of problem in fetching data from this site.

      When added to a regex, the x modifier tells the regex engine to ignore whitespace — that is, to omit the spaces, etc., in the regex from the pattern to be matched. So, if you are trying to match something like:

      <td class="countryValue"> # ^ note the space

      and your regex has an x modifier, you must specify the space(s) to be matched explicitly. For example:

      <td \s+ class="countryValue">

      That said, when I run your code with this fix applied:

      while ($content =~ m! tr \s+ class="bgrow1"> <td> (.*?) + # $1 </td> <td \s+ class="countryValue"> (.*?) + # $2 country </td> <td \s+ class="destnameValue"> (.*?) + # $3 destination </td> <td \s+ class="hotelNameValue"> (.*?) + # $4 </td> <td \s+ class="durationValue"> (.*?) + # $5 trip_length </td> <td \s+ align="RIGHT" \s+ class="priceValue"> <a \s+ target="_blank" \s+ href="(.*?)"> + # $6 url (.*?) + # $7 </a> </td> !gisxm)

      the regex still gets no matches, so there is more wrong than just the missing whitespace. (Or, there is more whitespace lurking in the target webpages than I have allowed for.) For further help from the monks, please follow the advice given above by davido, and reduce your problem to a minimal code snippet demonstrating the problem and complete with representative data.

      BTW, the variable $airport is accessed in the final print statement, but never initialized. You would have seen this if you had begun the script with

      use strict; use warnings;

      as Gangabass advised in Re: How to scraper ASP websites.

      Athanasius <°(((><contra mundum

        Thanks for your reply, but m,y concern is that the $content is not having the contents in proper format due to which the regex also will not work. Since, the source code are having asp, javascript syntax. Please try to run this program and let me know if you're able to produce the output.

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