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Re^10: Module::Install hacking

by bulk88 (Priest)
on Sep 15, 2012 at 05:13 UTC ( #993834=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^9: Module::Install hacking
in thread Module::Install hacking

Sounds good to me. It wouldn't help wrt the problem of perl/site/bin not being in the path, but it would ultimately avoid the need to use --force.
Apart from writing and uploading the module, I would just need to alter the ppd files and package.xml (to specify this additional dependency) - which could be done programmatically. The actual binaries that are already on the repo don't need amending.
The module should, I guess, be under the PPM namespace. Would PPM::Sisyphusion suffice as a name ? Is there something better ?

I'll definitely give this some consideration.
I've seen the Alien:: package used for C libraries, not sure if object files or executable files, of course ask module authors list if you are not sure. I'm not sure if there is a certain API that Alien:: modules have or not. My only experience with Alien::wxWidgets and I want to forget I ever had to use it (A::W demands to build Wx C++ libs from source, VC Wx only has a VS IDE Solution, no nmake makefile). I can't really help you much further the idea I proposed, I've never done with my eyes, and I dont know how feasible it is. It somehow sounds logical since the "Module" can get new CPAN releases to distribute bug fixes of that particular DLL. The DLL name is obviously versioned to a certain ABI unless you write your own libgcc.a that will LoadLibraryEx and GetProcAddress everything.

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