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The more I think about it, the more accurate I think I was in Re^8: swissprot assignment (effort) (i.e. less due diligence when a reason is given). Especially for Nodes to consider, where drilling down to perform due diligence is discouraged by the slowness of the site. I lost interest in Nodes to Consider several years ago because many successful edit considerations to fix typos, re-title, restore contents of a node, etc. were never followed with the actual edit. No doubt because of the small number of members with the privileges to edit someone else's node (understandable since they are volunteers). As a side note, the jargon used is not exactly intuitive to new users either, though when I brought that up several years ago there was little interest in changing that.

It might be useful to split "edit" into "move" and "edit", and maybe have a different consideration page for the edits or create a preference setting to show edit considerations or not. This would reduce Nodes to Consider to those that are actionable, which might increase interest -- i.e. less clutter and one's vote matters more. This assumes that e.g. move votes are automated in some way (maybe require 5 votes). That is, that a successful consideration is always carried out.

For actual edits, you could open it up to more monks. Though to prevent abuse, there would have to be a review process, e.g. randomly pick a few edited nodes, show the before and after, and let monks vote on whether the edits were good or not.

Unfortunately, Consideration is in some ways broken just because of the disincentives (slow site, successful edit considerations are not always acted upon) and I am not sure how much can realistically be done about that. :(

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