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Re: Extract lines between two patterns

by Anonymous Monk
on Oct 16, 2012 at 12:54 UTC ( #999321=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Extract lines between two patterns

so a different way to do this is with a flag and What I did was use the $on as a flag to see when to stop printing and to start so hope this helps you! if anyone knows how to a prompt string in the find part: where you search for the word you want to start from and end at if anyone can give me that then thank you! also the die thing i was told that you can have it on the same line as the open I'm relatively new to Perl so if you can also give me some pointers and shortcuts.
#!/\\perl # use strict; use warnings; # Put the file name in a string variable # so we can use it both to open the file # and to refer to in an error message # if needed. my $fileName ; my $success ; my $on = 0; # Hard-code the name of the file we're going to read. # This is the script itself. $fileName = '/\\rat09awp\ccscripts\Islam\test.log'; # Attempt to open the file. We create a file handle called "IN". # Open returns a true value if it succeeded, an undefined # value if it didn't succeed. $success = open( IN, "<$fileName" ); while ( <IN> ){ if ($_ =~ /Duplicate remedy_id:/){ print $_; $on = 1; } elsif($on){ if ($_ =~ /Duplicate ip_address:/) { last; } else{ print $_;} } # We have read all the lines from the file. # Close the file. } close( IN );

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