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Nodelet types, uses, and (relative) usefulness

by atcroft (Abbot)
on Jun 23, 2002 at 18:36 UTC ( [id://176623]=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

My fellow monks, greetings.

I come to you for wisdom and guidance on how to use a feature of the Monastery, in hopes of becoming a more useful and productive community member.

Early the afternoon on which I wrote this, I saw a reference in the CB to the "tick tock nodelet," and how to enable it. Still having much to learn regarding the Monastery, and curious what it was and how to use it, I looked at my User Settings at both the "Frontpage Nodelets" and "non-Frontpage Nodelets," only to find 17 items in each (at the time of this writing), some of which I thought I could fathom their use, others which I found myself in need of clue regarding.

While the advice I received in the CB was to turn them on and try them (which I probably will), I would like to ask the following:

  • What is the use of each nodelet? (I could not find a listing of them giving a list of each and its use.) Advantages and/or disadvantages? (As appropriate)
  • Which nodelets do you use, or do you use the standard set?
  • Which are the most/least useful to you?
  • For those nodelets which allow you to do certain functions, how do you use them? Any pitfalls to avoid?

Beyond this, my only other question would be this-is there an easier way to order them than to turn them all on then spend xx minutes clicking the up/down links to move them around?

My thanks in advance for whatever wisdom and guidance you may choose to bestow upon this inquiry.

Update: 2015-08-05
s/onastary/onestery/gmsx, with thanks to chacham for pointing out the errors. :)

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Re: Nodelet types, uses, and (relative) usefulness
by cjf (Parson) on Jun 23, 2002 at 19:35 UTC

    More nodelets = slower page loads. Especially watch out for the cpan nodelet, there were some problems with it a while back. I usually just leave the chatterbox, other users, and sometimes the voting booth on.

      I've got frontpage as chatterbox only, but a fair number on nonfrontpage nodes: XP Nodelet, Chatterbox, Voting Booth, PmDev Nodelet, Information, Personal Nodelet, Other Users, Daily Best, and Weekly Best (in that order). I don't see a noticable slowdown. I should suspect that only the ones that make external connections (everydevel, cpan, and probably somthing else I'm forgetting) would give much of a slowdown.

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Re: Nodelet types, uses, and (relative) usefulness
by vladb (Vicar) on Jun 23, 2002 at 20:09 UTC
    Sticking with what cjf has already said, my suggestion would be to not use too many nodelets, especially the ones that make 'outside' connections (such as the CPAN nodelet) as they may cripple your page loads for good.

    Answering to your question(s):

    Which nodelets do you use, or do you use the standard set?

    Yes, I'm using the standard ones and even less than that. The few nodes that I find specifically useful is the 'Personal Nodelet' where I keep links to nodes I like to frequent often (such as 'Saints in our Book' {grin}). I'm not sure as to the chatterbox. It may or may not be useful. However, I still chose to stick with it at least for a little while. Along with CB, 'Other Users' nodelet is a good pick. I appreciate knowing who's in the monastery with me at any given point. And the last two are the 'Sections' and the 'Information' nodelets. That's all ;-).

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Re: Nodelet types, uses, and (relative) usefulness
by Aristotle (Chancellor) on Jun 24, 2002 at 01:28 UTC
    Mine are
    1. Tick tock
    2. approval nodelet
    3. Personal Nodelet
    4. Chatterbox

    That's it. Frontpage is just the standard set; I go there to check the voting booth once in a while.

    Update: Hey you with the -- marker. Please /msg me in which way my post was out of line, will ya? :)

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Re: Nodelet types, uses, and (relative) usefulness
by crazyinsomniac (Prior) on Jun 24, 2002 at 13:08 UTC
    Top down:

    XP Nodelet ~ i'm a whore after all

    Approval Nodelet ~ I am level 6+, and I do my best to help clean up the monastery

    Tick Tock Nodelet ~ it's good to know what the time is

    PmDev Nodelet ~ I'm a pmdev member, and I need the perks

    Chatterbox ~ constant communication

    Other Users ~ it's practically tied to the Chatterbox's hip

    Keyword Nodelet ~ i'm adding *meaningful* keywords, in hopes, that eventually ( and i've got a magical hunch ), it will lead to better search results.

    The cpan nodelet i don't have cause I'm a cpantester, and I get plenty of email ;)

    The everydevel nodelet I don't have because I'm a god on javajunkies, and I visit everydevel quite often (i'm not clueless)

    The personal nodelet I gave up a long time ago, ever since I added the custom node title's (tastier to manage for me)

    A few other nodelets just link to stuff I know exists, and I know my way around the monastery.

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