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I continuosly want to change some 1000 rows on the gui at every millisecond.

You want to perform 1 million updates per second to your gui ...

I can not put the entire code here, but i am putting some snippets of it to explain you better

And you've omitted the code for what is likely the most critical routine in the program: updateDisplay($databuf);

I need to know what is the possible reason for the gui to get hung and how can this be overcomed ?

And you want us to guess where the problem originates and how to fix it?

In all probability your first problem is that it is extremely doubtful that your system is capable of achieving a 1 million tcp packets/sec throughput.

The next is (probably) that if you ran a tight loop in your gui, that randomly generated your row/color/state messages and directly modified your gui accordingly, that it would only achieve a few thousands of updates per second at best.

Both of the above are very easy tests for you to perform; and will likely convince you that your expectations are unrealistic.

If you want help that is more than guesswork; you'll need to give us something that we can run.

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