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First, I can't say how amazing that all of you made time to answer my questions. Without you guys/gals, I probably wouldn't have a job, right now.

Here's how I solved it:

- Each config file has an accompanying ".hosts" file, whose contents are the hostnames of each machine in the cluster.
- Hosts 1-6 are contained on config_file.hosts
- Host 7 is contained in dnsfile_file.hosts

I have two hashes that I refer to in the code.

- %config_files - Keys = cluster directory, Value = an array ref to a list of each config file associated with that cluster.

- %config_params - Keys = config_file, Value = an array ref to a list containing config_file, config_file.hosts, user|, user|, and a file "weight"

foreach $componentDir ( keys %config_files ) { $abs_cluster_dir = join("/", "$configdir", "$componentDir"); @cluster_files = @{ $config_files{ $componentDir } }; $href_cluster_files = \@cluster_files; &process_cluster( $abs_cluster_dir, \@cluster_files, \%config_params, \$err_msg ); } sub process_cluster { # subroutine parameters my $cluster_dir = $_[ 0 ]; my $aref_cluster_files = $_[ 1 ]; my $href_config_params = $_[ 2 ]; my $sref_err_msg = $_[ 3 ]; my $clusterHost; my $config_file; my $counter; my $file; my @files_to_process; my $hosts_file; my @target_hosts; $counter = 0; foreach $file ( @{ $aref_cluster_files } ) { if (defined ( $href_config_params->{ $file } )) { $files_to_process[ $href_config_params->{ $file }[ 3 ]] = $f +ile; } } foreach $config_file ( @files_to_process ) { $hosts_file = new IO::File ( "$abs_cluster_dir/$ +s" );print "Hosts file = $hosts_file\n"; unless ( defined ($hosts_file )) { $$sref_err_msg = $!; return 0; } $counter = 0; while ( ! $hosts_file->eof() ) { $target_hosts[ $counter ] = ( $hosts_file->getline( ) ) ; chomp @target_hosts; $counter++; } $hosts_file->close( ); foreach $clusterHost ( @target_hosts ) { ####DO STUFF#### } }
The trick here, is to assign a numerical weight to each file that I need to process, so that I can populate an array of config files in the order that I need to process them!!!

Again, thanks to you all, I began to consider alternatives.


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