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Try it this way:

#! perl -slw use strict; use Data::Dump qw[ pp ]; my @required = qw( File::Basename File::Copy File::Find ); pp \%INC; my @missing; foreach (@required) { s[::][/]g; s[$][.pm]; eval { require }; push @missing, $_ if $@; } print for @missing; pp \%INC; __END__ C:\test>junk39 { "Data/" => "c:/perl64/lib/Data/ +", "" => "c:/perl64/lib/" +, "List/" => "c:/perl64/site/lib/List/Ut", "Scalar/" => "c:/perl64/site/lib/Scalar/", "" => "c:/perl64/lib/" +, "c:/perl64/site/lib/" => "c:/perl64/site/lib/sitecus", "" => "c:/perl64/lib/" +, "" => "c:/perl64/lib/", "" => "c:/perl64/lib/", "" => "c:/perl64/lib/", "" => "c:/perl64/lib/" +, "warnings/" => "c:/perl64/lib/warnings/reg", } { "" => "c:/perl64/lib/", "" => "c:/perl64/site/lib/" +, "Data/" => "c:/perl64/lib/Data/ +", "" => "c:/perl64/lib/" +, "File/" => "c:/perl64/lib/File/Basenam", "File/" => "c:/perl64/lib/File/ +", "File/" => "c:/perl64/lib/File/ +", "File/" => "c:/perl64/site/lib/File/Sp", "File/Spec/" => "c:/perl64/site/lib/File/Sp +ec/", "File/Spec/" => "c:/perl64/site/lib/File/Sp +ec/", "List/" => "c:/perl64/site/lib/List/Ut", "Scalar/" => "c:/perl64/site/lib/Scalar/", "" => "c:/perl64/lib/" +, "c:/perl64/site/lib/" => "c:/perl64/site/lib/sitecus", "" => "c:/perl64/lib/" +, "" => "c:/perl64/lib/", "" => "c:/perl64/lib/", "" => "c:/perl64/lib/", "" => "c:/perl64/lib/", "" => "c:/perl64/lib/" +, "warnings/" => "c:/perl64/lib/warnings/reg", }

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