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Just to make this code complete with working example. Did not know this, but Mojolicious has no dependencies, and also CGI is out of Perl core.
#!/usr/bin/env perl use strict; use warnings; use Mojolicious::Lite; my $uploadFileDirectory = 'UPLOADS'; mkdir $uploadFileDirectory if ( !-d $uploadFileDirectory ); $ENV{"MOJO_MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE"} = 25 * 2**20; #25 MB get '/upload' => sub { my $c = shift; $c->render('simpleUploadForm'); }; post '/handleUpload' => sub { my $c = shift; my @fileNames; my $files = $c->req->every_upload('files'); for my $file ( @{$files} ) { my $fileName = $file->filename =~ s/[^\w\d\.]+/_/gr; $file->move_to("$uploadFileDirectory/$fileName"); $c->app->log->debug("$fileName uploaded\n"); push @fileNames, $fileName; } $c->render( 'successUpload', files => \@fileNames ); }; app->start; __DATA__ @@ simpleUploadForm.html.ep <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <form action='/handleUpload' method='post' enctype='multipart/form- +data'> Select Files: <input type='file' name='files' multiple=1><br/> <input type="submit" > </html> @@ successUpload.html.ep <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <img src='success.jpg' /> <% for my $j (@{$files}) { %> <p> <%= $j %> </p> <% } %> </html> @@ exception.development.html.ep <!DOCTYPE html> <html> Fail </html>
Update: Must use method "every_upload" introduced in Mojolicious 5.48 or you will only get one file.

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