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Hello and thanks for the feedback.
Perl wasn't updated as part of the OS patching.
I'm told the vendor has their own copy of perl bundled within the app that it uses as shown here.
# /home/test/perl5/perls/perl-5.22.0/bin/perl -v
This is perl 5, version 22, subversion 0 (v5.22.0) built for x86_64-linux-thread-multi (with 1 registered patch, see perl -V for more detail)
Copyright 1987-2015, Larry Wall
Perl may be copied only under the terms of either the Artistic License or the GNU General Public License, which may be found in the Perl 5 source kit.
Complete documentation for Perl, including FAQ lists, should be found on this system using "man perl" or "perldoc perl". If you have access to the Internet, point your browser at, the Perl Home Page.

I did check the libraries used by the shared object mentioned in the error as listed here.
# ldd -v /home/test/lib/ => (0x00007ffc58b57000) => not found => not found => not found => not found => /lib64/ (0x00007fd13bcb6000)
/lib64/ (0x000055e49d9fc000)

Version information:
/home/test/lib/ (GLIBC_2.4) => /lib64/ (GLIBC_2.2.5) => /lib64/
/lib64/ (GLIBC_PRIVATE) => /lib64/ (GLIBC_2.3) => /lib64/

Those are part of the glibc-2.12-1.212.el6_10.3.x86_64 package that was updated as part of the OS patching.
I beginning to think the /home/test/lib/, or another app specific shared object, is having issues with the latest glibc package.
Not sure what else to look at.
I'm guessing we'll have to follow up with the vendor since still they technically support this app.
Thanks again for replying and let me know if you have any other thoughts on it.

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