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Sorry, my reply is quite late as well.

The /m is apparently indispensable in this regex setup, so I also tried /ma and /maa combinations.

Yes, that's what I meant, sorry - often people will say e.g. "the /m and /s modifiers" to distinguish modifiers visually from m// and s/// or other things, but that doesn't mean to say those are the only modifiers that should be applied to the regex.

I've followed your advice, opened the file in raw mode. Before, I was using the module use Path::Tiny; and then path('<file.pdf>')->slurp_raw; to open the file in raw mode. I guess that's the same behaviour? Anyway, I followed your advice and came up with the following test program

Yes, it's the same behavior. You didn't show that in your original node, and for this node you've shown what looks to be a complete script, but you're not showing your input (in a format compatible with text-only display, such as hexdump -C input.pdf or od -tx1c input.pdf) or your expected output, leaving us to guess what the issue is. This is why Short, Self-Contained, Correct Examples are so important, so that we can reproduce the issue. Please show: Short, representative sample input, a runnable piece of code, the expected output for the input, and the actual output, including any error messages.

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