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Running macOS Monterey using perlbrew. I've installed several versions of perl with perlbrew on my account without issue in the past. I recently tried to install 5.34.0 and I keep getting failed tests:

<snip> op/for.t ............................................................. + ok PROG: $| = 1; $\ = "\n"; my $echo = 'echo'; if ($^O =~ /android/) { $echo = q{sh -c 'echo $@' -- }; } if ($pid = fork) { waitpid($pid,0); print "parent got $?" } else { exec("$echo foo"); } EXPECTED: foo parent got 0 GOT: hi parent got 0 # Failed test 13 - at op/fork.t line 18 # # Note: 'run_multiple_progs' run has one or more failures # you can consider setting the environment variable # PERL_TEST_ABORT_FIRST_FAILURE=1 before running the test # to stop on the first error. # op/fork.t ............................................................ <snip> # Failed test 'arrayref cmd: +?id=70530' # at t/03_run-forked.t line 41. # Looks like you failed 1 test of 114. ../cpan/IPC-Cmd/t/03_run-forked.t .................................... Dubious, test returned 1 (wstat 256, 0x100) Failed 1/114 subtests (less 100 skipped subtests: 13 okay) <snip> # Failed test 20 - array should contain one result or more: libc => () + at t/DynaLoader.t line 127 # got "0" # expected >= "1" <snip> Test Summary Report ------------------- op/fork.t (Ws +tat: 0 Tests: 28 Failed: 1) Failed test: 13 op/incfilter.t (Ws +tat: 0 Tests: 151 Failed: 0) Parse errors: Bad plan. You planned 153 tests but ran 151. ../cpan/IPC-Cmd/t/03_run-forked.t (Ws +tat: 256 Tests: 114 Failed: 1) Failed test: 5 Non-zero exit status: 1 ../dist/IO/t/io_pipe.t (Ws +tat: 0 Tests: 9 Failed: 0) Parse errors: Tests out of sequence. Found (9) but expected (8) Tests out of sequence. Found (10) but expected (9) Bad plan. You planned 10 tests but ran 9. ../ext/DynaLoader/t/DynaLoader.t (Ws +tat: 0 Tests: 44 Failed: 1) Failed test: 20 Files=2668, Tests=1185113, 733 wallclock secs (54.46 usr 13.72 sys + 4 +06.34 cusr 70.24 csys = 544.76 CPU)

I've updated perlbrew and perlpatch. Still nothing works. perlbrew info:

Current perl: Using system perl. Shebang: #!/usr/bin/perl perlbrew: version: 0.94 ENV: PERLBREW_ROOT: /Users/me/perl5/perlbrew PERLBREW_HOME: /Users/me/.perlbrew PERLBREW_PATH: /Users/me/perlbrew/bin PERLBREW_MANPATH:

Googling around doesn't turn up anything useful. I had perl installed with homebrew and removed it to try to fix the issue. I've also tried remove a few other homebrew packages to try to resolve the issue but nothing. I created a new account on the machine, installed perlbrew, and 5.34.0 installed without issue.

I'm not sure how to go about tracking down the problem. Any ideas?

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In reply to How can I track down why perl 5.34.0 will install on one user account on macos with perlbrew and not another? by nysus

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